Thembang Village

We welcome you to Thembang Village, Arunachal Pradesh. 

Located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, Thembang is a small village in Arunachal Pradesh known as land of historic and cultural significance. Best known as the start point of the Bailey Trail Trek of Arunachal Pradesh, Thembang Village is located approximately 55 kilometers North East of the town of Bomdila.

History of Thembang Village ~

Thembang Village is among the oldest villages of Arunachal Pradesh and North East India. This village has witnessed many wars which is symbolized at the Thembang Fort that is a huge fort with two stone wall gates. Thembang Village has also witnessed a fierce battle during the Indo China war of 1962 between the Indian and Chinese troops. The Chinese army had come down to Thembang through the Bailey trek and had gone to Bomdila securing Thembang.

Places of Interest at Thembang Village ~

Thembang has many places of tourist interest with the primary being the Thembang Fort. This fort was built in an ancient architectural design and has two gates one at the Northern side and the other at the southern side. 

The Thembang Monastery is an ancient Buddhist Monastery that has many relics on display of the likes of traditional wood carvings, paintings and manuscripts.

Thembang Village is the start point of the Bailey Trail Trek. Also, Thembang offers numerous sites for bird watching as many migratory bird species visit Thembang.

Thembang offers its visitors to experience sustainable Tourism at its best as the Villagers have taken this initiative to focus on Ecotourism and help the people of the village to sustainably manage and utilize the forest resources such as firewood, timber and bamboo by developing a management plan in the buffer zone and hence generating employment opportunities. In continuation to this initiative, the village community began participating in the programme with various roles like offering homestay to visitors, traditional food stalls, travel guides, porters and a few groups performing local cultural programmes.