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Welcome to the Bonroja Motel at Kaziranga ~ Kaziranga National Park ~ Assam ~ India

The Bonroja Motel at Kaziranga National Park is the closet deluxe property to one of the safari ranges at Kaziranga viz. the Bagori Safari Range. Located just at around 200 meters from the main entrance of the Bagori Safari Range, the Bonroja Motel is an initiative of a female entrepreneur of Assam. With an initiative to promote an environment with clean and hygienic food along with a distinct flavor of ethnicity is one of the prime motives of the Bonroja Motel. When you are at the Bonroja Motel in Kaziranga National Park enjoy a savoring cup of tea after your morning Elephant Safari ride overlooking the lush green hills of Karbi Anglong and the greenery of Kaziranga National Park on the north. While you spend a day admiring the beauty of the flora and fauna at Kaziranga National Park your little ones can get a change to engage in recreational games in the sprawling lawn of the Bonroja Motel.

Bonroja Motel at Kaziranga National Park offers 11 deluxe rooms for your comfortable stay. An available multi cuisine restaurant churns out some real ethnic food variety served on the comfortable huge area for dining here. While at the Bonroja Motel at Kaziranga National Park do not miss out to grab a bite of the local fishes of Assam like Ari, Bahu, Sital, etc.

Facilities available at the Bonroja Motel – Kaziranga National Park

  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Car Parking
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pick up and Drop
  • Luggage Storage
  • Hot Water
  • Bonfire
  • Traditional Dance Performances
  • Television
  • Telephone and Fax Facilities
  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
The Bonroja Motel – Bagori – Kaziranga National Park
Room Type Total Nos. Occupancy Tariff (INR)
Double Room (Non AC) 3 Single/Double 2700
Double Room (AC) 5 Single/Double 3200
Luxury Room (AC) 3 Single/Double 3800
Safari Rates at the different Ranges in Kaziranga National Park (6 Persons Tariffs)
Ranges Bagori (INR) Kohora (INR) Agaratoli (INR) Burapahar (INR)
Jeep Safari
Indians (Per Jeep) 3650 3550 4250 4750
Foreigners (Per Jeep)  7000 6900 7600 8100
Elephant Safari
Indians (Per Head) 1200
Foreigners (Per Head) 2500 2500

** Subjected to revision before the Start of Season in October

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Hosting our guests from Mumbai at the Bonroja Motel Kaziranga

In the month of February 2018 we hosted our guest at the Bonroja Motel near the Bagori area in Kaziranga and it was a delightful experience. Located just adjacent to the Bagori Safari range point at Kaziranga National Park, the Bonroja Motel is a decent property with nice clean and hygienic rooms with a balcony that offers its visitors a simple yet pleasant stay experience here at Kaziranga National Park. The Bonroja Motel offers its visitors 8 deluxe rooms with 4 air-conditioned and 4 Non-air-conditioned rooms and there is also a large dorm at the ground floor along with the dining area and the staff members here are very polite and give generous in their presentation. Our guest did not have much time and he just came over for 3 nights and 4 days and I had to manage to squeeze everything in this time (he was more of the tour operator based out of Mumbai and he had come on a Recee tour of Assam and Meghalaya to understand the places of interest and he wanted to associate with my travel company). Mr Khan was scheduled to arrive at the Guwahati airport in the late afternoon post which earlier I had planned to travel directly to Cherrapunji but due to certain changes in the plan I had to change the drive and night halt at Shillong.

I chose the Bonroja Motel because I had always stayed at the Kohora area in Kaziranga National Park but never had the chance to stay around the Bagori range and even though I hosted my guests at the Landmark Woods resort a little ahead of the Bagori area (that again being a luxurious accommodation) and so I wanted to try out a budget stay accommodation of the Bonroja Motel and I called the place and asked them to make my reservations here and it was a simple process and the booking was confirmed. I called one of the jeep drivers and he confirmed his availability to take us into the forest reserves of the Bagori safari range on our day of visit. We would halt for the first night at Shillong and I made arrangements at the Nalgare’s Guest House in Shillong for our stay. So we would travel to the Shillong from Guwahati, halt for a night and the next morning we would travel to Cherrapunji and from there we would travel to Kaziranga for a night halt, the next day we go for our safari ride in the morning an travel back to Guwahati for a night halt and the next day after a visit to the Kamakhya temple the tour would end by dropping him at the Guwahati airport.

Bonroja Motel Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga National Park
The view of the majestic Nohkalikai Falls at Cherrapunji

I picked him up from the Guwahati airport and we drove on our way to Shillong. We crossed Jorabat, Burnihat and drove to Nongpoh area. Here we took a halt for a cup of tea at a small restaurant and the place offered us some nice pakoras and a cup of hot tea. We enjoyed our tea and pakoras and later we headed to Shillong. By the time we reached Barapani it was already dark so we couldn’t catch a view of the beautiful Umiam lake in Barapani but as we would be travelling back to Kaziranga so we could halt here tomorrow morning and sight the Umiam lake. By the time we reached Shillong it was around 6 PM but due to the traffic conditions we reached the Nalgare’s Guest House at 7 PM and the manager welcomed us and allocated our room and we took time to freshen up. Two of my friends from Shillong us and they stayed close by at the Laban area and we discussed about our business and after dinner we retired to bed. The next morning we started early at 6.30 AM to travel to Cherrapunji and as there was not much of traffic we reached at around 7.45 AM and at Cherrapunji we visited the Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Caves and the Seven Sister Falls and the natural beauty of the place left our guest enthralled.

We wound up our visit at Cherrapunji at 9 Am and started on our drive to Kaziranga National Park via Shillong. We had some maggi noodles and eggs at the parking area of the Seven Sister Falls and then started on our drive to Kaziranga. We reached Shillong at around 10 AM and as the roads were starting to get busy and by the time we reached the Umiam Lake it was around 10.45 AM. We admired the crystal clear waters of the Umiam Lake and there was a boating complex down as well in the interest of time we had to skip this and we continued on our drive to Kaziranga crossing Nongpoh, Jorabat, Sonapur and Jagiroad. We stopped for lunch at Raha at the Punjabi Dhaba here and we enjoyed a meal of tandoori roti, chicken curry and dal fry and started on our drive again to Kaziranga National Park crossing Nagaon, Koliabor and Jakhalabandha. We arrived at the Burapahar range of Kaziranga National Park and the lovely tea gardens of Assam welcomed us along with the signages of this being an animal corridor and strict guidelines to drive slowly were to be seen around. Various signage boards speaking about the fauna of Kaziranga National Park were put up by prominent oil and telecom companies and it felt great being here again at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park.

Bonroja Motel Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga National Park
Signages on our drive across Kaziranga to the Bonroja Motel

We crossed Burapahar and reached the Bagori area of Kaziranga where we checked into the Bonroja Motel that is located very conveniently adjacent to the highway here. I parked my vehicle and the place looked very beautiful with the white building and lush greenery all across. We checked into our room and the manager was very polite and he even showed me around the place with the various rooms here at the Bonroja Motel in Kaziranga. The rooms for the guests area on the first floor and on one side there are four deluxe air-conditioned rooms and on the other side are the non-air-conditioned rooms here at the Bonroja Motel in Kaziranga.  At the ground floor just the entrance on the right there is a dorm area with 8 beds and guests in groups could stay here. A little ahead at the ground floor of the Bonroja Motel there is the reception area to the right and there is a spacious dining area with the adjacent kitchen that churns out ethnic delicacies of the Assamese cuisine recipes and even Indian and Chinese as well.

After freshening up we came out of the Bonroja Motel and went to explore the area nearby and the Bagori Safari range where the safari rides are conducted aka the Western Range of Kaziranga National Park and is located very near to the Bonroja Motel here at Kaziranga. We went around the place and got to see the forest range office of the Western Range of Kaziranga and later we went to a small dhaba nearby to have tea and snacks. The Bagori area in Kaziranga falls along the National Highway and is often used as a resting place for the trucks that ferry goods across Upper Assam and Guwahati. And therefore it is usual to find many dhabas at such places not only in Assam but across India as the truck drivers and helpers stop here to take rest and have their food. At the dhaba we ordered tea and egg omelettes as we got hungry after the long drive and we savoured our food and later we returned back to the Bonroja Motel. There were two other families staying at the place and they arrived by evening. We placed our order for dinner and the cook recommended we try the Aari fish curry that he had brought fresh from the market and we ordered rice, dal, sabji and the Aari fish curry.

Bonroja Motel Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga National Park
The front view of the entrance to the Bonroja Motel at Kaziranga

It was still early and we did not have much to do and we saw the staff members of the Bonroja Motel light a bonfire at the lawn area of the place and we went to spend some time by the bonfire and we got to know the other guests as well. My associate at Kaziranga called me and as he had closed his office and he wanted to come and meet me with another colleague and I called him over and they arrived in about 20 minutes. To my surprise they had brought along a bottle of rum to celebrate as we were meeting after long and I asked the guest to spend time by the bonfire while we headed to the room but he insisted to come along and even though he didn’t drink he wanted to plan the future visits of his group tours to Kaziranga and Meghalaya as he was left enthralled with the beauty of the place. So we went back to our room at the Bonroja Motel and the associate knew that I liked the small fish fry of the Pelican Dhaba and he brought a plate of it to have as starters with the rum. They wanted to know as to why I chose to stay at the Bagori area of Kaziranga this time as generally I prefer to stay at the Kohora area and I explained as to how certain guests would want to stay at a place closer for their elephant safari ride as the Elephant safari for Indian Nationals to Kaziranga are carried out at the Bagori range and so I wanted to see the accommodations at this place and to which the guest agreed because if the guests get the 5 AM elephant safari slot they would prefer to stay at a place from where it is only a minute’s drive to the elephant safari point and not a 15 minutes’ drive in the morning.

We all mutually agreed with this thought and we savoured our rum with the small fish fry and the view from the balcony of our room at the Bonroja Motel looked absolutely wonderful. We finished by 8 PM and our dinner was served in our room and as there were two more people I ordered for another plate of rice and fish curry as the earlier ordered wouldn’t have sufficed and we finished our dinner and the associates left at 8.30 PM to head home to the Kohora area and the jeep driver who was waiting took them home. We too retired to be early after freshening up and all ready for an early morning safari the next morning. Next morning we were scheduled to go for our safari at the Bagori safari range of Kaziranga at 8 AM in the morning and I got up and went to see the rush of tourists coming to the Bagori range of Kaziranga National Park for their elephant safari rides and the place was literally filled with parked taxi vehicles that had brought their tourists to the range before 5 AM itself. The first round of elephant safari was scheduled to come to an end and I could see the guests returning back from their elephant back rides and everyone had a smile on their face as the elephant safari ride gives you an up-close view of the pride of Kaziranga National Park – the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros.

Bonroja Motel Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga National Park
Welcome to Kaziranga at the Bagori Safari range near the Bonroja Motel

The second round was scheduled to start at 6.30 AM and while the vehicles of the first round were about to leave the second round of  vehicles were coming in with their guests. The place was bustling with activity so early in the morning and it was nice to see that even though so many vehicles were coming in and going out the place was very neat and clean and the area is a plastic free zone. I called the jeep driver and he was the same person who came along yesterday with the associates and he said that he would reach by 7.30 AM and he asked us to have tea and biscuits and we would come back and have our breakfast before we started on our ride. After our jeep ride we planned on visiting some of the Hotels and Resorts at the Kohora area of Kaziranga because he wanted to evaluate the places of stay so that he could plan these places of stay in the future itineraries and also later we would visit the Kaziranga Orchid Park and travel back to Guwahati. We had a cup of black tea and biscuits by the time the jeep driver arrived and we started on our jeep ride inside the forest reserves of Kaziranga National Park at Bagori. After paying our entrance fees at the office we started on our ride and though I had been inside the reserves of Kaziranga quite a number of times on a jeep safari ride but each time I feel it to be a different experience and the chances of sighting new fauna and avifauna of Kaziranga excites me. The ride started by first us travelling to the Sildubi Beel area of the Bagori range and there is a forest house here where the forest guards stay and also a watch tower as well from where we get an aerial view of the western range of Kaziranga and we could see numerous rhinoceros grazing from a distance.

We started back on our jeep ride and a little into the ride we spotted the first rhinoceros from up close and the mighty beast was crossing the road track ahead of us. We kept driving and spotted more rhinos and the Asiatic Wild water buffaloes along with certain bird species. Our guest wanted to see the tigers in the wild if possible but we were not lucky on our day of visit and after an hour and half of jeep ride we came back to the Bonroja motel and I paid the jeep driver and we had our breakfast of Aalo paratha and tea and later we checked out of the Bonroja Motel and headed to the Kohora area to visit a few of the resorts and hotels before our visit to the Kaziranga Orchid Park. We started by visiting the Borgos Resort near the Kohora safari entrance and this is one of the 4 Star resorts here at Kaziranga National Park that provides luxurious accommodation options to their guests. We admired the beautiful campus of the Borgos resort and later headed to the Bonhabi resort to check out the place as he also wanted to include budget and decent accommodations as well. The Bonhabi resort is located towards the SBI ATM area of Kohora and from the ATM you need to take a right diversion to go to the Bonhabi Resort and a nice accommodation among the paddy fields, tea gardens and the backdrop of the legendary Karbi Anglong hills of Assam.

Bonroja Motel Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga National Park
Jeeps await to take visitors to the interiors of the Bagori safari range at Kaziranga

The place has individual cottages spread across the campus and guests can have their privacy of stay here at the Bonhabi Resort. The reception area is designed in the colonial British style era with an adjacent dining hall with fixtures that remind you of a luxurious tea garden bungalow of Assam. After enquiring about the prices and stay options at the Bonhabi resort we went to the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga that is a traditional Assamese style bamboo cottage stay option here at Kaziranga National Park. The place is located in a secluded area off the highway and a beautiful miniature tea garden is present at the campus of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp and the elegantly designed and built Assamese Chang Cottages that are built with bamboo, wood and thatch leaved roof that offers a truly ethnic stay experience here at Kaziranga. The dining menu here at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp offers various cuisines and the ones to try out are the Assamese ethnic delights on the menu and with this we ended our explorations and headed to visit the Kaziranga Orchid Park – the largest orchid park in India that has on display indigenous orchid species of Assam and North East India on display.

We went to explore the green house area here that highlights the orchid species here with neatly aligned plantations and a walking area across the display and a nice water pool at the centre. Later we explored the handicraft and handloom section here, followed by the rice museum and the cactus garden and finally the cultural dance performance at the stage area. After this we bid farewell to Kaziranga and headed on our drive to Guwahati and we had our lunch at the Anuraag Dhaba at Nagaon to reach Guwahati by evening. The next day we visited the Maa Kamakhya temple in Guwahati to view the temple premises and after a short Darshan I dropped him at the airport thereby ending the tour and pleasant stay at the Bonroja Motel in Kaziranga.

Bonroja Motel Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga National Park
Sighting of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros at Kaziranga