Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its population of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros and the Indian Tigers is visited by thousands of tourists every year from across India and abroad. Visitors to Kaziranga National Park are from nations as far away as from Canada and United States. We understand that preparing for a trip from such far off places needs a lot of prior planning to be executed smoothly. From planning your visit, booking your tickets, applying for the Visa and a host of other things needs to be done before your visit. Although we cannot help you much in the above mentioned tasks we can surely list down a few points/tips that will be helpful during your stay at Kaziranga National Park. We can assist you with all logistics, transfers, Safari and Hotel bookings once you are here in Assam though 🙂

1| The laws of the jungle are always important to obey and hence planning to leave just footprints and taking back memories should be your aim from the Kaziranga National Park.

2| When you are in Kaziranga National Park, use a map and trace out the route you intend to take inside the National Park. It is always recommended to travel with a companion and hire an experienced local person to assist you as a guide during your visit to Kaziranga National Park.

3| At Kaziranga National Park, it is always recommended to find out whether the route you are planning to take is safe or not before venturing out. The office of the field director is the best source of information in this regards.

4| While inside the forest reserves of Kaziranga National Park and on your Jeep Safari it is always recommended to switch off your engine at times. Sit quietly and listen to the birds. Listen for the warning calls of the chital and langurs and you may get to see a tiger or a leopard at the Kaziranga National Park.

5| Stay vigilant inside the premises of the Kaziranga National Park. If you have company try to sit facing in different directions to double the chances of spotting animals.

6| At Kaziranga National Park, dress to suit the climate. It is always recommended to choose muted forest colors in your clothing like green and brown.

7| Always wear comfortable, closed walking shoes at the Kaziranga National Park. Recommended to travel light and don’t forget your hat and sunglasses.

8| High boots with socks are a sensible option on jungle walks as basic protection from snakes here at Kaziranga National Park.

9| Inside the premises of the forests of Kaziranga, avoid perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves as such fragrances could attract biting insects.

10| Fires are a serious problem. Inside the premises of Kaziranga National Park, absolutely no smoking.

11| Always keep a first aid kit handy and travel with enough drinking water.

12| Binoculars and camera are prerequisites for a good trip here at the Kaziranga National Park.

13| It is always a good option to avoid weekend visits to Kaziranga National Park so that you do not add to the overcrowding here.

14| Try not to talk too much. absorb yourself in the surroundings and respect the quiet of the wilderness which will help you spot more of wildlife at Kaziranga National Park.

15| Absolutely no littering in the park. always advisable to carry non biodegradable material back for safe disposal at you place of stay in Kaziranga National Park.

16| Do not try to get too close to animals or disturb them and try to touch or feed them.

17| Bringing arms and ammunition into the Kaziranga National Park premises is a strict offence and likely to attract a jail term here.

18| Swimming and fishing are not permitted inside the protected area of Kaziranga National Park. strictly adhere to this rule.

19| When you are out birdwatching, don’t just look out for birds in the forest, just let your eyes detect movement where nothing else is moving.

20| Birding just outside the forests of Kaziranga National Park than birding inside it.

21| Ponds, streams, lakes and river-banks of Kaziranga National Park are excellent bird watching spots.

22| Avoid bright colored dresses like blues and reds and it is recommended to wear green and browns.

23| Noise is an absolute no-no. Don’t chat on the trails. Even a noisy camera shutter can ruin your bird watching experience at Kaziranga National Park.

24| Enjoy all birds at Kaziranga National Park.

25| Finally, always carry a notebook on your safari inside the Kaziranga National Park. important details can always be jotted down for your future reference.