The city of Guwahati is the largest city of the State of Assam and is also the largest city of North East India…

Guwahati is a city that has a blend of the modern world and ancient times as well. The numerous ancient temples around the vicinity of the city reminds every traveller here about the rich mythological past of the city as well as one gets a feel of the modern city with the many high rise buildings, modern architecture, numerous malls, various pubs and bars, the rush of city traffic, etc. But the very sight of the mighty Brahmaputra river flowing across the city brings peace and tranquil to ones mind while in Guwahati. Also, the lush green cover of trees across the hills and mountains of the city brings a soothing feeling on any clear day in the city. As a tourist one has many options to explore in the city of Guwahati.

Some of the major and important tourist attractions in the city of Guwahati are ~

1| Maa Kamakhya Temple ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The highly revered Temple shrine of Maa Kamakhya is the most important pilgrim sites across Assam and North East India. Located in the heart of the city of Guwahati atop the Nilachal Hills, the Maa Kamakhya Temple is one among the 51 Shakti Peethas across the Indian Sub Continent dedicated to the holy goddess Maa Kamakhya. It is believed that while Lord Shiva was carrying the severed body of Goddess Parvati in his arms, the womb fell on the Nilachal Hills and hence a temple shrine was constructed atop the hill.

2| Umananda Island and Temple ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Umananda Island is located in the midst of the river Brahmaputra near the Uzaan Bazaar area of Guwahati city is the smallest inhabited river island in the World ans is also popular tourist attraction of the city. The island is home to the Umananda temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is also home to the population of the highly endangered Golden Langur primate species with only a few of these species present now in this island. It is said that Lord Shiva and Parvati used to stay here in this island during Lord Shiva’s visit to Assam and he used to spend his time in meditation at the Umananda Island in Guwahati. It so happened that once while Lord Shiva was spending time in deep meditation, Lord Kamadeva was trying to interrupt Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva got so furious at Lord Kamadeva that he opened his third eye and burnt Lord Kamadeva into ashes. Hence the hill atop which the Umananda Temple is located is called as the Bhasmacala hill.

This beautiful island can be reached from Guwahati city by boarding a ferry boat from Uzaan Bazaar or the Kachari ghat. After offering your prayers at the Umananda Temple one can take a stroll around the forests of the smallest river island in the world. There are hawkers here who sell fresh coconut water and snacks like aloo chat and pani puri. The Umananda island is also referred to as the Peacock Island.

Approximate time required to explore Umananda Island in Guwahati ~ 2 to 3 hours

3| Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Gardens ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden in Guwahati is one of the most popular zoo attraction in North East India apart from the Zoological garden in Gangtok. If you are in Assam on a business visit and do not have time to explore its varied wildlife in the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of the State, then the Assam State Zoo in Guwahati would be an ideal stopover. The Assam State Zoo houses the varied fauna of Assam of the likes of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Water Buffaloes, Hollock Gibbons, Golden Langurs, Leopards, Pygmy Hogs, Crocodiles, various Bird species native to the National Parks of the State along with animals which are not native to Assam like Lions, Black Panthers, Hippopotamus, etc. Located in the heart of the city of Guwahati, this zoo is a perfect place to spend one half of your day before visiting other popular tourist attractions in Guwahati city.

Approximate time required to explore Assam State Zoo in Guwahati ~ 2 to 3 hours

4| Assam State Museum ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Assam State Museum is located at the Ambari area in Guwahati and it houses various artifacts of the Assamese society and culture. From various Assamese village exhibits, to ancient sculptures discovered in Assam to various remnants of Assam’s struggle during India’s independence and ancient artifacts of World War II – the Assam State Museum is your one stop destination to discover the culture and traditions of the State of Assam without having to travel to various destinations of Assam. The museum is located very close to the Guwahati Railway Station and is easily accessible from various parts of the Guwahati city.

Approximate time required to explore Assam State Museum ~ 3 to 4 hours

5| Dighalipukhuri Lake ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Located just opposite to the Assam State Museum, the Dighalipukhuri lake is another prime attraction of tourist interest in Guwahati city. It is an artificially created lake dug out as an amusement park near the principal educational insitutions of Assam – the Cotton College and the Handique Girl’s College of Guwahati. The Dighalipukhuri lake is a favorite hangout destination of the young college going students of Guwahati as the place offers a getaway from their hectic study schedule. Surrounded by lush green trees and beautifully kept flower gardens, the lake also offers boat rides on the clean waters in the heart of Guwahati city. The Dighalipukhuri area also hosts a War Memorial. The War Memorial is dedicated to the brave martyrs of Assam who laid down their lives fighting for their motherland. This war memorial had an ancient war aircraft and a battle tank donated by the Indian Air Force and Indian Army and these were used in war. It also has a beautiful environment depicting the battle of Saraighat fought between the Ahoms and the Mughals. With the beautifully sculpted sculptures one can get a feel of the how fierce the battle of Saraighat was and the bravery of the Ahom General Lachit Borphukan is sure to instill the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of the people of Assam. The war memorial also depicts India’s war at Kargil, the Indo China war and the attack on Karachi by the Indian Navy. This war memorial is a tribute to all martyrs who fought for their motherland and aims to introduce the young generations towards the fearless lives of these martyrs.

Approximate time required to explore Dighalipukhuri  ~  1 to 2 hours

6| Guwahati World War II Cemetery ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Guwahati World War II Cemetery is located at the Silpukhuri area near Guwahati and have burials of over 500 soldiers of the British, Canadian, South African, Chinese and Japanese army who laid down their lives during the Burma Campaign of World War II. To give a brief history of the Guwahati War Cemetery, it was started during the World War II, for burials from several military hospitals in the region. Soldiers and workers who couldn’t make it after fighting the enemy and building the epic Stilwell road were laid to rest here. Later, other graves were brought in by the Army Graves service from military cemeteries in Sylhet and Amari Bari and civil cemeteries in Nagaon, Mohachara and Guwahati for permanent maintenance. Some graves were later also brought from isolated sites in present-day Mizoram, Coochbehar, Darjeeling, Shillong, Dibrugarh, Lumding, Dinjan, Dhubri etc. The Guwahati War Cemetery is a beautiful and peaceful place covered with a well kept green lawn and flower gardens. This cemetery was built and is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Mission.

Approximate time required to explore Guwahati War Cemetery ~  1 to 2 hours

8| Belle View ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Located near the Uzaan Bazaar area in Guwahati – the Belle View is one of the older places of Guwahati city that has residences of some of the elite personnel of Assam. The importance of this place is the majestic view of the Brahmaputra river. During the evening many people visit this area as the place has very less traffic and the calm breeze that blows here along the riverside brings peace to a visitor’s mind and also the view of the sunset across the clear blue skies is a once in a lifetime experience.

Approximate time required to explore Belle View ~  1 to 2 hours

9| G S Road ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Guwahati-Shillong Road aka the G S Road is the most popular hang out area for food lovers, shopaholics and businessmen as the entire stretch of this road has various business establishments, malls, eateries and restaurants. Some of the major hospitals of Guwahati city are also located here at G S Road. The roads here are one of the busiest in the city and numerous malls are to be found along the stretch of the road like the Central Mall, Brand Factory, Reliance Trends, Dona Planet, Sohum Shoppe, Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Roodraksh Mall, etc. Various Pubs and Cafe are also here like Terra Maya, Cafe Copa, Extreme Sports Bar & Grill, Underdogs Sports Bar & Grill, Topaz, Bullz & Bearz, Mystery Rooms, etc. Eateries like KFC, Dominoz Pizza, Pizza Hut, Barbecue Nation, etc. are present here. Numerous fast food outlets like J14, FoodEx, Meat Durbari, Keri Beri, etc. are also to be found at the G S Road in Guwahati. Students from across North East can be seen hanging around the Malls and eateries of the G S Road in the evenings.

Approximate time required to explore G S Road ~  3 to 4 hours

10| Guwahati Planetarium ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Located near the Dighalipukhuri area at the M G Road in Guwahati, the Guwahati Planetarium is another important tourist attraction of Guwahati city. The Guwahati Planetarium is at par with the planetarium at Kolkata city and gives a deep insight into the knowledge of the Universe. The Dome shaped overhead screen highlights regular sessions in English, Hind and Assamese language on the various extra terrestrial objects in space and this place is where you can visit with your family and friends in Guwahati.

Approximate time required to explore Guwahati Planetarium ~  2 to 3 hours

11| ISKON Temple ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Under the flagship of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the ISKON Temple is located in the heart of the Guwahati city at Ulubari Charali area. Surrounded by lush green gardens and constructed with marble, the ISKON temple in Guwahati is a must visit for any devotee of Lord Krishna. One can get a bird’s eye view of the Guwahati city from the temple premises here. Regular sessions of Aarti and Bhajans are conducted across the day with prasadam being distributed to the devotees of the ISKON temple. Inside the premises one can see deities of Lord of Lord Krishna and Rukmini dressed up in beautiful attires. In addition, various sessions on personality development and stress management are conducted here at the ISKON temple in Guwahati.

Approximate time required to explore ISKON Temple ~  2 to 3 hours

12| Nehru Park ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Nehru Park is a famous park and amusement center in Guwahati city. It is a popular place among fitness enthusiasts who come here to take an evening walk. Various attributes for children and present in the park area here. In the evening, this park is well lit up and the lights make the atmosphere very romantic so that you can plan to visit the Nehru park along with your beloved partner.

Approximate time required to explore Nehru Park ~  2 to 3 hours

13| Regional Science Museum ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Regional Science Museum is located at the Khanapara area in Guwahati and is a popular attraction for all science lovers to Guwahati city. It is under the National Council of Science aimed at promoting learning of science by a personalized experience.

Approximate time required to explore Regional Science Museum ~  3 to 4 hours

14| Srimanta Shankardeva Kalakhetra ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Another important tourist destination located in the Punjabari area of Guwahati city is the Srimanta Shankardeva Kalakhetra. This is one of the largest cultural congregation of North East India and the Srimanta Shankardeva Kalakhetra hosts a library, cultural museum, children’s park and various facilities for preserving the culture and traditions of Assam. A detailed insight into the Assamese culture is illustrated in the various cultural rooms of this place. A huge collection of books and manuscripts are also to be found here. Various cultural functions are often held in the open air theater here at the Srimanta Shankardeva Kalakhetra. Another important attraction here is the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Museum.

Approximate time required to explore Srimanta Shankardeva Kalakhetra ~  3 to 4 hours

15| Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Ganeshguri area is a prime shopping location in the heart of Guwahati city. People from across Guwahati come to Ganeshguri for all their shopping needs. The fish market here is one of the most popular fish markets in the city. There are various street vendors here at Ganeshguri selling various items of day to day household needs. The Ganeshguri flyover is also present here. Various eateries are also present here like the Icchapuron which serves impeccable bengali style cuisine and the Madhumita fine dining that serves tandoori delicacies. The O-Guwahati retro bar serves exclusive cocktails and a plethora of continental and chinese dishes.

Approximate time required to explore Ganeshguri ~  3 to 4 hours

16| Panbazaar ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Pan Bazaar area is another important shopping area of Guwahati city. This market is famous for its bookstores and wholesale medicine shops. Numerous bookstalls selling books for all fields are to be found in the Panbazaar area in Guwahati. One of the luxurious 3 Star Hotels in Guwahati – the Mayflower Hotel is located in the Panbaazar area. The Sheikh Brothers bakery is one of the Oldest bakeries of Guwahati located here and is also a good eating option here. Don Bosco School of Guwahati is located here as well as the Cotton College and the headquarters of BSNL North East.

Approximate time required to explore Panbazaar ~  2 to 3 hours

17| Sukreshwar Temple ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Dedicated to Lord Shiva – the Sukreshwar Temple is located near the Panbaazar locality by the banks of the river Brahmaputra. The temple was constructed in 1744 by an Ahom King Pramatta Singha and is located on the Itakhuli Hill. It has one of the largest Shivalingas in India and it is believed that the Guru of the Asuras offered prayers to Lord Shiva in this Temple.

Approximate time required to explore Sukreshwar Temple ~  1 to 2 hours

18| Sukreshwar Ghar ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Sukreshwar Ghat is located just before reaching the Fancy Bazaar area in Guwahati. This ghat is a popular attraction in the city because of the presence of a few River Cruises like Alfresco Grand, Umananda River Cruise and Jolpori River Cruise that take tourists on a joy ride across the mighty Brahmaputra river near the city and offers luxurious river dining experiences on-board. The Alfresco Grand is the most popular river cruise option in Guwahati and it offers evening as well as night river cruise followed by delicious dinner. The evenings in Guwahati city is best enjoyed by taking one of these river cruises exploring the night sky view from the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati city. The Kamakazi River Cruise is an on the river Discotheque and is also present here at the Sukreshwar Ghat.

Approximate time required to explore Sukreshwar Ghat ~  3 to 4 hours

19| Fancy Bazaar ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Fancy Bazaar area if the best shopping destination of Guwahati as well as North East India. Fancy Bazaar is also one of the oldest market area in Guwahati city. From clothes, furnishings, electronics, electricals, hardware, bath fittings, toys, etc. everything can be found in the shops here at the fancy bazaar. The prices here are the cheapest across the city and every Guwahatian once in their life must have visited fancy bazaar area. If you love exploring markets of a city then Fancy Bazaar area is a must visit area for you on your visit to Guwahati.

Approximate time required to explore Fancy Bazaar ~  3 to 4 hours

20| Pandu Port ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Pandu Port area is a prime river port serving Guwahati and Assam located on the banks of the Brahmaputra river. This port provides grand views of the Brahmaputra river especially during the sunset. Many luxurious tourist cruise liners operate from the Pandu Port that take you on a luxurious ride over the river Brahmaputra covering destinations of Guwahati, Kaziranga National Park, Sivasagar and Majuli Island. While in Guwahati a visit to Pandu Port is a must for any traveller.

Approximate time required to explore Pandu Port ~  1 to 2 hours

21| Saraighat and New Saraighat Bridge ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Spanning over the Brahmaputra River, these two bridges connect Guwahati to places in lower Assam and the rest of the country by road. It also connects the city to the industrial corridor at North Guwahati. There are two bridges here, one that is only a road bridge and the other is a road cum rail bridge. When in Guwahati, take a ride across these bridges to cross the mighty Brahmaputra river to explore the temple of North Guwahati.

Approximate time required to explore Saraighat Bridges ~  30 min – 1 hour

22| Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Samadhikshetra ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Located at the Jalukbari area in Guwahati, this place is dedicated as a token of remembrance and respect to the Legendary singer of Assam – Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.

23| Decathlon ~ Azara ~ Guwahati

If you are an adventure traveller to North East India and have trekking and camping activities planned in your Itinerary, then you one stop over for all your adventure activities needs is the Decathlon store at Azara area in Guwahati. Spread over a sprawling campus, this Decathlon store like any other in the World has all items needed for sports and fitness equipped. While in Guwahati, simply drop by the Decathlon store on your way from or to the Guwahati airport.

24| Dipor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

The Dipor Beel Lake present near the Dipor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary is an important tourist attraction near Guwahati. It is a very huge lake area that allows visitors for a spectacular time of birdwatching especially during winter season when various species of migratory birds fly into Assam and take shelter across the various water bodies and National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Assam. This spot is also an important picnic spot area for the people of Guwahati city especially during the month of December and January. It is an important wild elephant crossing area too.

25| Balaji Temple ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Located in the Betkuchi area in Guwahati, the Balaji Temple is another important pilgrimage site in Guwahati city. Constructed in the year 1998, to promote religious harmony and peace across the States of North East India, this temple has a south Indian style architecture and resembles the Tirupati Balaji Temple in South India. During the evening time, this Temple is well lit and devotees come here to offer their prayers. There is a huge open lawn area where children can play too.

26| Garbhanga Reserve Forest ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

Located near the Lokhra area in Guwahati city, the Garbhanga Reserve Forest is every nature lover’s paradise. Known for its population of wild elephant, hoolock gibbons, leopards, etc. the Garbhanga Reserve Forest is one of the most pristine forest reserves in the entire State of Assam located very close to Guwahati city. Various bird and butterfly species can be spotted here. Deep inside the forest reserves there a few local villages inhabited by the Karbi and Garo tribes of North East India. These people engage in farming and every Sunday and wednesday bring down their produce from the hills to sell in Guwahati city at the Lokhra and Sawkuchi areas. Cycling into the Garbhanga Reserve forest is a new adventure activity grabbing the attention of the youths of Guwahati city along with camping inside the forest reserves. This is the best places to do some birdwatching and butterfly spotting very close to Guwahati city.

27| Basistha Temple and Ashram ~ Guwahati ~ Assam     

To Plan your visit to Guwahati with Kaziranga National Park please fill the form below:


Place around Guwahati city that can be covered in a day’s time ~

1| Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – 60 km from Guwahati

Located around 60 km from Guwahati city is the land having the highest population density of Indian One Horned Rhinoceros – Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. Known as the mini Kaziranga National Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has a population of 104 rhinoceros spread over an area of 38 sq km. If you do not like touristy place that are very crowdy and also do not have much time to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park, then a visit to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary near Guwahati is a must for you. You can start from Guwahati in the morning; arrive at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, go for a Jeep Safari and return back to Guwahati after lunch. This would however deprive you of the opportunity to explore the varied flora and fauna diversity at Pobitora as a stay here is always recommended in the beautiful and homely resorts here. Also you will miss out on the opportunity of going on an Elephant Safari ride into the forests here. But if you are short on time and only have time to explore Guwahati then this is an option to explore Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

2| Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary ~ 15 km from Guwahati

A very popular birding destination near Guwahati is the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located along the way to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and you can plan your visit to Amchang early in the morning from Guwahati while travelling to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary or on your way back in the late afternoon to Guwahati as the best time to spot bird species here is during the early mornings or the late afternoons. Some of the varied faunal diversity found at the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary are Leopard, Jungle Cats, Hoolock Gibbons, Assamese Macaque, Slow Loris, Rhesus Macaque, Wild Elephants, Barking Deer, Gaurs,  etc. Important Birdlife to be found are Lesser Adjutant, Greater Adjutant, Great Indian Hornbills, Khaleej Pheasant, etc.

3| Chandubi Lake ~ 70 km from Guwahati

Around 70 km away from Guwahati city is a natural paradise in the form of a lake called as the Chandubi Lake. This pristine lake was formed during the 1897 earthquake and is one of the most beautiful places in Assam surrounded by green mountains offering magnificent landscape views. The Chandubi Lake area is turning into a favored ecotourism destination in Assam and thousands of visitors come here every year to beat a fast paced city life and spend time in the lap of mother nature to be greeted every morning with the sound of chirping birds. Various adventure sports too are now being organized around the area of Chandubi Lake with the pioneer of tourism here – the Chandubi Jungle Camp organizing sports like cycling, river boating, trekking around the forest reserves, etc.

4| Hajo ~ 60 km from Guwahati

Located around 60 km from Guwahati is the holy land of Hajo where faith unites. Hajo is a holy land of the Hindus, Muslims and the Buddhists as well. The Hayagriva Madhava Temple at Hajo is considered sacred by people practicing all the above three religious faith. It is said that after visiting the Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa, your pilgrimage ends after visiting the Hayagriva Madhava Temple at Hajo near Guwahati in Assam. The Poa Mecca shrine at Hajo is one of the holiest muslim shrines across North East India. This Dargah was built by Peer Giasuddin Aulia by bringing soil from the holy land of Mecca and then constructing the Poa Mecca. There are also many other temples across Hajo. Another noteworthy place at Hajo of tourist interest is the “Bhim Soriya” – it is a huge stone saucer which is believed it was the dish where Lord Bheema used to eat food. One time he was not served adequate food and he got so furious that he flung this huge saucer in the sky and it fell at Hajo where it still remains to this day.

5| Suwalkuchi – 40 km from Guwahati

Suwalkuchi is the famous Silk town of Assam. This place has the highest concentration of weavers anywhere in the World. Suwalkuchi is home to the 3 finest silk varieties of Assam – the Muga, Eri and Pat Silk. Suwalkuchi near Guwahati is often referred to as the “Manchester of the East”. When you are in Guwahati, a visit to Suwalkuchi silk town is  must to witness the grandeur of Assam silk. At Suwalkuchi there are various shops that sell handmade Silk Mekhela Chadors of Assam made up of Muga, Eri and Pat silk along with various other designer accessories as well. You can also visit a local factory to witness the entire process of Silk weaving on the traditional looms of Assam. Silk Chadors available here are found at prices much lower than it is  available in the large cities. If you are visiting in the month of July-August then you can witness the annual Boat race festival here at Suwalkuchi that is held every year on the river Brahmaputra.

6| North Guwahati – 20 km from Guwahati

North Guwahati is an industrial hub of Guwahati that has many industrial units and is also well known for the many historic temples of Assam and the river bank of the Brahmaputra river. North Guwahati is the older part of Guwahati and many local people of Assam reside here. The famous temples of North Guwahati are Doul Govinda Temple –  dedicated to Lord Krishna and famous for its celebrations of Janmashtami and Holi. The Dirghewari Temple at North Guwahati is another Shakti Peeth near Guwahati. It is said that Goddess Sati’s upper thigh fell on the hill top on which this temple is located. This hill is called as the Sitachal Hill. This temple is famous for celebrations of the Durga Puja festival of Assam. The Kanai Barasi Stone inscriptions of North Guwahati are stone inscriptions carved out during the time of the Ahom Kings.

If on your visit to Assam, you do not have time to explore the various Satras of Assam in Majuli Island, then you can visit the Auniati Satra in North Guwahati to get a glimpse of the Neo Vaishnavite culture of Assam that was initiated and preached by the holy Saint Srimanta Shankardeva and his disciple Madhabadeva.

If you are interested in traditional fishing, then North Guwahati is the place to be as the river banks of the mighty Brahmaputra is present here and one can see many locals fishing on the River Brahmaputra early in the mornings and in the late evenings.

7| Jagiroad ~ 50 km from Guwahati

Another important industrial town near Guwahati is Jagiroad. Jagiroad is home to the Nagaon Paper Mills a unit of Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. A visit to the factory can be arranged with prior permission and visitors can get a detailed insight into the process of paper making from bamboo here. Jagiroad also is home to the Asia’s largest dry fish market. Every year in the month of January, Jagiroad plays host to the Jonbeel Mela – the festival of Barter trade. Here one can witness the ancient practice of barter trade where people do not pay money to buy good and instead they exchange their produce and trade in the system of barter trade. Here visitors can also witness the ancient time during kings where the King of Morigaon comes down during the festival and addresses his subjects at the Jonbeel Mela festival. The King and his courtiers also collect taxes from the local people and the people happily oblige to the King’s request keeping the traditional alive.

8| Nagaon ~ 120 km from Guwahati

Another important industrial town close to Guwahati city is Nagaon. Nagaon connects Guwahati with Karbi Anglong, Hojai and Nagaland by road. Nagaon is the birthplace of the holy Saint reformer Srimanta Shankardeva and hence this place holds a specific religious importance to the people of Assam.

9| Tezur ~ 180 km from Guwahati

Located around 180 km from Guwahati, Tezpur is the knowledge city of Assam and a popular stop over town on your journey to Arunachal Pradesh at Tawang and Bomdila. The Tezpur University located here is one among the top 50 universities in the country. Places of tourist interest in Tezpur are Agnigarh – the Fortress of Fire, the Mahabhairab Temple, the Hanuman Temple, Cole’s Park, etc. The Koliabhumura Bridge spans over the river Brahmaputra and is an important bridge of Assam and underneath this bridge one can find an old battle tank that was used in World War II. Drive to Tezpur from Guwahati takes around 3 hours so you can plan to visit Tezpur in the morning, explore the town and return to Guwahati by evening.

 10| Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park ~ 110 km from Guwahati

A Lesser known National Park of Assam but the one having various species of Flora and Fauna is the Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park located at around 110 km from Guwahati. Known for its population of the Endangered One Horned Rhinoceros and Indian Tigers – the Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park is often referred to as the mini Kaziranga because of its similar landscapes. This park is very less frequented by tourists and hence if you want to explore the calm of the jungle the Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park is the place to be. There are no Elephant Safaris conducted here and the only mode of transport into the forest reserves at Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park is the Jeep Safari. Prior booking is necessary because of the limited number of Jeeps available here. You can plan your visit to Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park by starting early in the morning from Guwahati, arrive at Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park by 8 AM, go for a day of Jeep Safari into the interiors and then return back to Guwahati. Please be advised that there are not many shops around here and so please carry snacks and drinking water with you to Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park. Also no option is available for lunch and so please carry adequate eatables in your vehicle.

11| Barpeta ~ 96 km from Guwahati

The important trade center of lower Assam, Barpeta is located around 96 km from Guwahati. Barpeta is close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Manas National Park and is also home to various Neo Vaishnavite Satras and Temples. The most famous among the various Satras present here at Barpeta is the Barpeta Satra. Built by the disciple of Saint Reformer Srimanta Shankardeva, Sri Sri Madhabadeva, Barpeta Satra is one of the most prominent Satras of Assam renowned across the World for its grand celebrations of the Doul Utsav (Holi) and Janmashtami. The Namghar entrance at the Barpeta Satra has two huge trunks of Tulsi tree and this is another prime attraction of this Satra. Start early from Guwahati to arrive at Barpeta, explore the various Satras and Temples here and head on your drive back to Guwahati city.

12| Bogamati ~ 92 km from Guwahati

A popular picnic spot area near Guwahati Bogamati is a nature lover’s paradise. The river Barnadi flows across Bogamati and during winters this place becomes a residence for the various species of migratory birds. Overlooking the hills of Bhutan, Bogamati is now becoming a favorite adventure sports destination near Guwahati as  one can enjoy river rafting on the water of the Barnadi river at Bogamati. Best way to visit Bogamati is to start early in the morning from Guwahati city and spend your day at Bogamati and return to Guwahati by evening.

13| Umiam Lake ~ 88 km from Guwahati

Located in Meghalaya at a distance of around 88 km from Guwahati, Umiam Lake is the largest artificial water reservoir in North East India. People from Guwahati find Umiam to be one of the preferred area for a day’s outing and hang out.

14| Shillong ~ 99 km from Guwahati

The capital of Meghalaya is located at a distance of 99 km from Guwahati city.

Best Hotels in Guwahati ~

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2| Vivanta by Taj ~ Khanapara ~ Guwahati

3| Mayflower Hotel ~ Panbazar ~ Guwahati

4| Hotel Shoolin Grand ~ Six Mile ~ Guwahati

5| Ginger Hotel ~ Six Mile ~ Guwahati

6| Hotel Kiranshree Portico ~ Paltan Bazar ~ Guwahati

7| Hotel Gateway Grandeur ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

8| The Grand Starline Hotel ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

9| Hotel Pragati Manor ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

10| Novotel ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

11| Landmark Hotels ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

12|Hotel Dynasty ~ Fancy Bazar ~ Guwahati

13| Hotel Nandan ~ Paltan Bazar ~ Guwahati

14| Hotel Bhargav Grand ~ ISBT ~ Guwahati

15| Hotel NE Zone ~ Garchuk ~ Guwahati

16| Hotel Vrinda Residency ~ Garchuk ~ Guwahati

17| Hotel Parashuram ~ Garchuk ~ Guwahati

18| Nakshatra Hotel ~ Beltola ~ Guwahati

19| Hotel Royal De Casa ~ Survey Beltola ~ Guwahati

20| Hotel Ambarish ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

21| Hotel Palacio ~ Khanapara ~ Guwahati

22| Hotel Siroy Lily ~ Khanapara ~ Guwahati

Most Popular Restaurants in Guwahati ~

1| Paradise Restaurant ~ Silpukhuri ~ Guwahati

Known for Assamese traditional delicacies. Must try Parampara Thali, Pigeon Meat, Duck curry, bamboo shoot dishes.

2| Heritage Khorika ~ Chandmari ~ Guwahati

Owned and operated by the celebrity chef of Assam, Mr. Atul Lahkar, the traditional meals of this restaurant. Try the Assamese thali along with the Khorika dishes.

3| Steaming Mug ~ Ambari ~ Guwahati

4| 11th Avenue Bistro ~ Ambari ~ Guwahati

5| Momo Ghar ~ Ambari ~ Guwahati

6| J14s ~ Christian Basti ~ Guwahati

7| Dispur Dhaba ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

8| The Dhaba ~ Silpukhuri ~ Guwahati

9| Chung Fa ~ Geetanagar ~ Guwahati

10| China Town ~ Rajgarh Road ~ Guwahati

11| Confucius ~ ABC ~ Guwahati

12| Woking Mama ~ Dona Planet ~ Guwahati

13| Dominoz Pizza ~ Zoo Road Tinali ~ Guwahati

14| Pizza Hut ~ near Rajdhani Masjid ~ Guwahati

15| KFC ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

16| Gam’s Delicacy ~ ISBT ~ Guwahati

17| Quick Pick ~ Silpukhuri ~ Guwahati

18| Biryani Center ~ Near Commerce College ~ Guwahati

19| Kolkata Biryani ~ Near Rajdhani Masjid ~ Guwahati

20| Icchapuron ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

21| John’s Naga Kitchen ~ Rukmini Gaon ~ Guwahati

22| Keri Beri ~ Christian Basti ~ Guwahati

23| Food Ex ~ Christian Basti ~ Guwahati

24| Chick n Chilly ~ Christian Basti ~ Guwahati

25| Meat Durbari ~ Christian Basti ~ Guwahati

26| Barbecue Nation ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

27| Terra Maya ~ ABC ~ Guwahati

28| Xtreme Sports Bar ~ Christian Basti ~ Guwahati

29| Kalita’s Spectrum Dine ~ Six Mile ~ Guwahati

30| Bonfire ~ Rajgarh Road ~ Guwahati

31| Citi Dhaba ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

32| Rang De Basanti Dhaba ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

33| Bullz and Bearz ~ ABC Point ~ Guwahati

34| Underdog Sports Bar ~ Central Mall ~ Guwahati

35| Chai Point ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

36| Spice Route Restaurant ~ Dispur ~ Guwahati

37| Red Hot Chilli Pepper ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

38| Red Contemporary Dining ~ R G Baruah Road ~ Guwahati

39| Street Zaa ~ Hatigaon ~ Guwahati

40| Bakes and Fries ~ Hatigaon ~ Guwahati

41| Madhumita Fine Dining ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

42| Mishing Kitchen ~ Hengrabari ~ Guwahati

43| Jalukbari Dhaba ~ Jalukbari ~ Guwahati

44| O Maa Go ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

45| Sholo Ana Bengali ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

46| Maa Manasha Hotel ~ Maligaon ~ Guwahati

47| Chennai Kitchen ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

48| Recipes Train Restaurant ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

49| Cafe Craft ~  Silpukhuri ~ Guwahati

50| Maihang ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

Renowned Hospitals in Guwahati ~

1| Guwahati Medical College and Hospital ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

2| NEMCARE ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

3| B Barooah Cancer Institute ~ A K Azad Road ~ Guwahati

4| North East Cancer Hospital ~ 11th Mile ~ Guwahati

5| Marwari Hospital ~ Athgaon ~ Guwahati

6| Apollo Hospitals ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

7| Dispur Polyclinic ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

8| GNRC Hospitals ~ Amingaon ~ Guwahati

9| Down Town Hospital ~ Six Mile ~ Guwahati

10| City Heart Hospital ~ Rajgarh Road ~ Guwahati

11| Arya Hospital ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

12| Pratiksha Hospital ~ Borbari ~ Guwahati

13| Hayat Hospital ~ Odalbakra ~ Guwahati

14| Critical Care Hospital ~ Lokhra ~ Guwahati

15| Ayursundra Hospital ~ Ahom Gaon ~ Guwahati

16| Health City Hospital ~ Khanapara ~ Guwahati

17| Excel Care Hospitals ~ Boragaon ~ Guwahati

18| Sanjevani Hospital ~ Kamakhya Gate ~ Guwahati

19| Agile Hospitals ~ Beltola ~ Guwahati

20| Maligaon Railway Hospital ~ Maligaon ~ Guwahati

Renowned Educational Institutions in Guwahati ~

1| Cotton College ~ Panbazar ~ Guwahati

2| Handique Girls College ~ Panbazar ~ Guwahati

3| Assam Engineering College ~ Jalukbari ~ Guwahati

4| Guwahati Medical College and Hospital ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

5| Guwahati Commerce College ~ Chandmari ~ Guwahati

6| Arya Vidyapeeth College ~ A K Azad Road ~ Guwahati

7| K C Das Commerce College ~ Chatribari ~ Guwahati

8| Assam Don Bosco University ~ Azara ~ Guwahati

9| Assam Down Town University ~ Panikheti ~ Guwahati

10| NERIM Group of Institutions ~ Jayanagar ~ Guwahati

11| IIIT Guwahati ~ Ambari ~ Guwahati

12| IIT Guwahati ~ Amingaon ~ Guwahati

13| Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management and Technology ~ Guwahati ~ Assam

14| Scholar’s Institute of Technology and Management ~ Garughuli ~ Guwahati

15| TISS ~ Jalukbari ~ Guwahati

16| Krishna Kanta Handique Open University ~ Pamohi ~ Guwahati

17| Assam Engineering Institute ~ Chandmari ~ Guwahati

18| Guwahati University ~ Jalukbari ~ Guwahati

Popular Malls in Guwahati city ~

1| Guwahati Central ~ R G Baruah Road ~ Guwahati

2| Big Bazaar ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

3| Roodraksh Mall ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

4| Pantaloons ~ Six Mile ~ Guwahati

5| The HUB Mall ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

6| Dona Planet ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

7| Matrix Mall ~ Beltola ~ Guwahati

8| Central Mall ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

9| Vishal Mega Mart ~ Ganeshguri ~ Guwahati

10| Brand Factory ~ Ulubari ~ Guwahati

11| Fashion @ Big Bazar ~ Paltan Bazar ~ Guwahati

12| Tanz Supermarket ~ Zoo Road Tinali ~ Guwahati

13| Reliance Trendz ~ Zoo Road Tinali ~ Guwahati

14| City Center Mall ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati

15| Anil Plaza ~ G S Road ~ Guwahati