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Welcome to Coal Queen of Assam at Margherita ~ Margherita ~ Assam ~ India

Margherita is a nose count town nestled by rolling hills and dotted by tea gardens in the Tinsukia district in the State of Assam. The small sub-division town has scenic beauty as one enters this immaculate town, cool and brumous air refreshes one’s senses and never ending lush greenery pleases the eyes. The name of the town Margherita was derived from the Italian queen ‘Margherita Teresa Giovanna Di Savoia’ and dates back to the late 19th century as a token of appreciation for the Italian Chief Engineer of rail section Chevalier R Paginini who supervised the construction of a rail bridge over river Dehing to facilitate transport of coal and tea from Margherita to across the world.

Margherita town is surrounded by hills, tea gardens, forests and the dehing river. If you seek ultimate solace from a fast paced city life then Margherita is the place to be. The town is an amalgamation of the various tribes of Assam and Ketetong village at Margherita has the highest concentration of tribes anywhere in North East India. From heritage Tea gardens to the legacy coal mines, Margherita is rich in natural resources. Margherita area is under the North Eastern Coalfields (NECF) a subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL), the largest coal producing company in the World and has some of the oldest underground coal mines in the country all set up during the British Era. NECF has major operations of coal extraction here and this is one of the prime industries in the area. Margherita has the distinction of having India’s only coal museum and Asia’s Oldest plywood factory.

During the Burma Campaign of the World War II, Margherita served as base for the Allied troops and it was from here that they started work on the Historic Stilwell Road across the Pangsau Pass. The remains of the 20th General Hospital at Margherita stands testament to this fact and it was among the finest military hospitals of the American Army to be set up here.

Margherita today is a hub of culture and traditions with the assimilation of the various tribes of Assam like the Ahoms, Singphos, Sutiyas, Morans, Mutticks, Tai khamyangs, Tai Phakes, Tea garden tribes, etc.

How to reach Margherita from Kaziranga National Park –

By Road – Margherita is located at a distance of around 320 kilometers from Kaziranga National Park. It takes around 7 hours by road to reach Margherita from Kaziranga. Private Bus operators ply from Guwahati to Margherita and can be boarded from Kaziranga National Park. We operate our Taxi Service to Margherita from Kaziranga National Park. Our well maintained fleet makes your journey from Kaziranga National Park to Margherita a comfortable one.

By Air – Margherita is well connected to the Dibrugarh Airport by road. You can choose to fly to Dibrugarh from the Guwahati Airport. We operate taxi service from Dibrugarh Airport to Margherita.

By Train – Margherita town has a railway Station and the Intercity Express arrives and departs daily from the Margherita Railway Station from Guwahati.

Places of Interest in Margherita –

1| India’s only Coal Museum Margherita

Kaziranga Hotels, Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Taxi, Kaziranga National Park, Kaziranga
Welcome to Coal Museum at Margherita ~ Margherita ~ Assam ~ India

Situated near the Office of the General Manager of NECF, the Coal Museum at Margherita is the only coal museum in India and it has a huge collection of various artefacts from the era of World War II. This museum illustrates the practice of underground and open cast coal mining practices of India and also has a model of an underground coal mine. Various stages of the construction of Stilwell Road is depicted in the museum. The musuem has a collection of vintage Steam Locomotives, Stamp Collection, various methods of coal mining and much more.

2| Singpho Eco Lodge Margherita

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Welcome to Singpho Eco Lodge at Margherita ~ Margherita ~ Assam ~ India

Originally built to showcase the rich heritage and culture of the Singpho tribes of Assam, the Singpho Eco Lodge at the Inthong village in Margherita is now a prime tourist attraction of the Margherita area. People from across Assam, India and the World visit the Singpho Eco lodge to get a chance to witness ecotourism at its best here. Located very close to the Inthong village the Singpho Eco Lodge provides visitors with an experience to visit the real countryside of Assam and taste ethnic Singpho Cuisine. Their food comprises of herbs and meat which are cooked in traditional style of their people filled with a rich aroma of indigenous herbs and bamboo shoot. The Singpho meal is a true delight to savor. The Singphos were the first people to brew tea in Assam and their heritage tea called as Phalap is a true delight and is much in demand across the South East Asian countries due to its rich flavor. The Singpho Eco Lodge offers a true homestay experience where you get a chance to sit, eat, dine and celebrate the rich heritage and culture of the Singho people of Assam. While your visit to Margherita, the stay at Singpho Eco Lodge is a must for any traveller.

3| Tea Gardens and Tea Factories of Margherita

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Welcome to Namdang Tea at Margherita ~ Margherita ~ Assam ~ India

Margherita Area is surrounded by the lush tea gardens of Assam,