Best Stay Options at Kaziranga

At the area around the Kaziranga National Park, there are a number of places to stay from good-value rest houses and budget hotels to high-quality resorts and hotels in and around the Bagori, Kohora and Agaratoli safari ranges of Kaziranga National Park.

Prior to 1950, the only accomodation at Kaziranga National Park was the Public Works Department (PWD) Inspection bungalow and a forest rest house at Bagori. Later, a visitor’s camp was constructed in Kaziranga National Park as well as two tourist lodges were set up in Kohora Safari range. An additional forest rest house was built at Arimora. There are now several lodges that serve visitors to Kaziranga National Park. Popular resorts include IORA – the Retreat, Diphlu River Lodge, Wild Grass, Nature Hunt Eco Camp. IORA – the Retreat is located on 20 acres of land just a couple of kilometers away from the Kaziranga National Park’s main entrance at Kohora while the Diphlu river lodge is a unique place to stay with 12 cottages overlooking the river. Wild Grass is one of the finest in the area and it stands out because it has been able to involve the local community of Kaziranga National Park. Government accommodation is available at Kohora, Bagori, and Bokakhat and one can stay at these accommodations too as tariff in these hotels suits every budget.

1| Diphlu River Lodge – Kaziranga National Park

2| IORA – the Retreat – Kaziranga National Park

3| Infinity Resorts – Kaziranga National Park

4| United 21 Resort – Kaziranga National Park

5| Landmark Woods – Kaziranga National Park

6| Borgos Resort – Kaziranga National Park

7| Wild Grass – Kaziranga National Park

8| TESCO the Resort – Kaziranga National Park

9| Wild Mahseer – Balipara – Kaziranga National Park

10| Kaziranga Golf Resort – Jorhat – Kaziranga National Park

11| Thengal Manor – Jorhat – Kaziranga National Park