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Welcome to the Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga ~ Kaziranga National Park ~ Assam ~ India

The Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga National Park is located near the Central Safari Range of Kaziranga at Kohora. Bonhabi Resort offers a welcoming stay amidst the green forests of Kaziranga National Park. Bonhabi Resort provides a pleasant homestay at an affordable budget. The Resort is conveniently located at Kohora village near the SBI ATM at Kohora from where you need to take a right to reach the Bonhabi Resort. The green surroundings of this Resort will definitely make you want to stay here during your time at Kaziranga National Park. The Bonhabi Resort indeed provided all its visitors with an exciting and rewarding jungle stay experiences. The Resort is spread across a huge area in Kohora and offers its guests 14 spacious and deluxe twin bedded cottages that are quite modern in their layout and structure. The unique colorful cottages makes you feel cozy during your stay here. Each room of these cottages are equipped with modern amenities that makes you feel in touch with the world amidst a wildlife experience. Guests here can enjoy a majestic view of the green paddy fields, the lush tea gardens of Kaziranga and the forest reserves of Kaziranga too.

Bonhabi Resort has a spacious dining hall attached with a multi cuisine and ethnic restaurant that can serve sumptuous food to around 30 guests at a time. Ethnic dishes of Assam are served on request and visitors get to savour their food here on modern furnitures that add to a rustic look of the jungle. The huge open area of the Bonhabi Resort is a perfect place to spend your time during the winters listening to the sound of chirping birds across the day while in the evenings get a chance to relax by the Bonfire gazing at the evening stars, reading a book or davor a glass of drink at the Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga National Park.

Facilities available at the Bonhabi Resort – Kaziranga National Park

  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Car Parking
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pick up and Drop
  • Luggage Storage
  • Hot Water
  • Bonfire
  • Traditional Dance Performances
  • Television
  • Telephone and Fax Facilities
  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
Bonhabi Resort – Kohora – Kaziranga National Park
Room Types Total Nos.  Occupancy Tariff (INR)
Deluxe Room (A/C) 2 Single/Double 3600
Deluxe Room (Non A/C) 6 Single/Double 3600
Standard (Non A/C) 6 Single/Double 2300
Nationality Safari Rates at the different Ranges in Kaziranga National Park (6 Persons Tariffs)
Ranges Bagori (INR) Kohora (INR) Agaratoli (INR) Burapahar (INR)
Jeep Safari
Indians (Per Jeep) 3650 3550 4250 4750
Foreigners (Per Jeep)  7000 6900 7600 8100
Elephant Safari
Indians (Per Head) 1200
Foreigners (Per Head) 2500 2500

** Subjected to revision before the Start of Season in October

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Hosting our guest from Slovakia at Bonhabi Resort Kaziranga

Mr. Martin had toured across Assam and Cherrapunji in Meghalaya in the month of April 2018 and it was a long 20 day tour where we would cover various destinations in Assam from the Garbhanga Reserve Forest, Chandubi lake, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Cherrapunji, Hajo, Nameri National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli and Dibru Saikhowa National Park and he was interested in finding and documenting certain snake species and fish species of Assam. He had set a prescribed budget to me for his visit and I had to ensure to select the place to halt at budget accommodations and at the same time the place had to be clean and decent with good toilet facilities and this was his requirement and he clearly told me that he did not expect anything fancy but decent and clean and so for his stay at Kaziranga National Park I selected the Bonhabi Resort that is located at the Kohora area of Kaziranga National Park and this is a nice quaint place to spend your time at Kaziranga with a lovely green campus and individual cottages that provide adequate privacy to the stay at very budget rates when compared to the other places of stay in the same area. I asked my associate at Kaziranga National Park to book a room for our arrival at the Bonhabi Resort and I also called the Subhalaya Guest House to arrange for a place for me as well and both these places are located very close at the Kohora area of Kaziranga National Park.

After paying a nominal advance at the Bonhabi Resort our accommodation was booked at Kaziranga and I proceeded with our tour and welcomed Martin at the airport and took him to my house at Guwahati for the first night’s halt and we started the tour next day by exploring the beautiful natural forest reserves of the Garbhanga Reserve Forest. Martin had the main intention of recording the presence of the specific Reticulated Python that he was sure was present in the forest areas of Assam and we looked for certain varieties of the fish as well at the local markets that he wanted to record and make a video of his findings. Later we moved to the Chandubi area that had recorded sightings of the Burmese python and he hoped to find the reticulated python as well. At Chandubi our stay was arranged at the Chandubi Jungle Camp and the stay was pleasant and we explored the forest reserves of Chandubi. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to spot the pythons but we did manage to encounter a Wild Herd of Elephants that we filmed from a distance.

Bon Habi Resort, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Martin fishing at Chandubi Lake in Assam

After Chandubi we headed to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – Home to the highest population density of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros anywhere in the World and the stay at Pobitora was arranged at the Maibong Eco Resort. Martin was scheduled to go for this Elephant Safari ride and Jeep safari rides at Pobitora the next day and I was scheduled to return back to Guwahati after dropping him at the Maibong Eco Resort at Pobitora and join him later in the morning after he came back from his Elephant Safari ride. There was a big pond in the premises of the Maibong Eco Resort and Martin wanted to try his hands at fishing here and the owner agreed to allow him to fish there on a condition that the fish was released back in the water and I requested the owner Mr. Nripen Nath to guide Martin to the Elephant Safari ride point in the morning and he agreed to assist me and with this I returned home after ordering his dinner here. The next morning by the time I reached Maibong Eco Resort from Guwahati Martin had already finished his Elephant ride and we had our breakfast to be followed by the Jeep ride where we spotted the rhinoceros up close and also happened to catch a glimpse of the King Cobra and although there were numerous reports of pythons being sighted inside the forest reserves of Pobitora and the forest guard accompanying us even showed us the place where they had spotted and relocated the python but on our time of visit we were not lucky enough to spot the pythons.

So instead we had to be content with sighting of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros and various species of birds only and later we returned to the Maibong Eco Resort to head on to Cherrapunji to check into the Sohra Plaza Homestay here. The owner welcomed us and we were scheduled to trek to the Nongriat village the next day to witness the grandeur of the Double Decker Living Root Bridge at Nongriat and later travel back to Cherrapunji. After an early breakfast we headed to the Tyrna village where Jerry our local guide joined us and we started on our trek to the Nongriat village to visit the majestic Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge. It is a very gruesome trek and the challenge is the flight of 3500 stairs that lead to Nongriat and the trek back is a very challenging one. We managed to complete the trek and sight the Double Decker Living Root Bridge and come back to Cherrapunji and the next day we headed back to Guwahati. The Rongali Bihu celebrations were going on in Guwahati and we witnessed the young boys and girls performing the Bihu dance at our home courtyard and the next day we visited Hajo and enjoyed a day of fishing a local fishery here.

Bon Habi Resort, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Martin taking rest on our trek back from Nongriat Village

The following day we went to visit the Nameri National Park and our stay here was arranged at the Camp Lalimou at Nameri. Our day ended by exploring the banks of the Jia Bhoreli river and we would head to the forest reserves of Nameri the next morning to try our luck sighting a python here. At the Camp Lalimou in Nameri we witnessed a nice folk dance performance of the local tribes here and the next day we headed inside the forest reserves of Nameri accompanied by a forest authority who carried a gun with him for our safety because there are numerous wild animals in the forest reserves here and we have to trek inside the forest reserves here. The guard took us to the places where we had spotted the pythons earlier but our luck did not favour us and the only animal we spotted were hog deers and many animal species as the Nameri National Park in Assam is known for its birds. We called it a day and the following day we drove to the Kaziranga National Park from Nameri to check into the Bonhabi Resort located at the Kohora area in Kaziranga.

At the Kohora area most of the Hotels, resorts and homestays are conveniently located and one can find low cost homestays to high end resorts and hotels in the area as well with the very luxurious ones being that of the Borgos Resort, IORA – the Retreat, Infinity Resorts, Diphlu River Lodge, Mandu – the Escape, etc. The Bonhabi resort is a moderately priced place to halt with prices starting at INR 2000 per room per night and one can get the opportunity to stay here at individual cottages like rooms that provide a spectacular view of the nearby Karbi Anglong hills. The Bonhabi resort is spread across a huge campus overlooking the Karbi Anglong hills and the cottages are individual and spread across the area. At the entrance there is a huge parking area where we parked our car and towards the left there is a nice reception area and the dining area as well with elegant interiors reminding one of the past colonial era style with a lot of resemblance in the interiors as the heritage Tea garden Bungalows of Assam. The manager welcomed us and after the check in formalities he allotted the room to Martina the boys at the place helped him to shift his luggage from the car into the room.

Bon Habi Resort, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
The Front view of the Deluxe Cottage Rooms of the Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga

The other guests were scheduled to arrive later in the day and so at present at our time of check in the place were empty and I took a walk across the campus of the Bonhabi resort. The main campus of the Bonhabi resort is a short walk away from the main entrance of the Kaziranga National Park at the Central range of Kohora and the Bonhabi resort offers its guests a truly rewarding jungle stay experience coupled with the presence of the dedicated staff members who work to make your stay at the Bonhabi resort a cosy, homely and secured stay experience. The Bonhabi resort at Kaziranga offers its guests a stay option in 14 spacious and deluxe twin bed room cottages that are large and quite modern in their layout overlooking the beauty of the Karbi Anglong hills and the lush paddy fields of Assam here in Kaziranga. Each room has a nice view of the area that accompanies an attached bath with hot and cold showers. A huge courtyard at the entrance offers an ideal retreat after a day of jungle safari and a night experience of gazing at the starlit sky.

We did not have our lunch yet and also we were to visit the Kaziranga Orchid Park in the afternoon session and so I decided to take him to treat on the delicious jumbo vegetarian thali that is served at the Kaziranga Orchid Park restaurant and is renowned across the area. The Kaziranga Orchid Park is located about 10 minutes’ drive from the Bonhabi resort and we started on our drive after freshening up and after a right diversion from the National Highway we reached the parking area of the Kaziranga Orchid Park and I paid for the entrance tickets and before we started exploring the Kaziranga Orchid Park we stopped at the ethnic restaurant here to have our lunch and the place was filled with tourists who had come to taste the cuisine of Assam here. Though I made him try the Assamese cuisine at some of the places in Guwahati and Chandubi as well, the platter offered at the Kaziranga Orchid Park is a very unique presentation and it offers almost fifty different types of food on its platter and there is an option of the non-veg platter as well but it was already over by the time we reached and ordered our food. So we content ourselves with the veg thali itself and in some time the food arrived at our table and it was something one has to see for oneself otherwise it can’t be described in words only.

Bon Habi Resort, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
The Welcome Reception Area of the Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga

The food comes in a huge bell metal plate and there are numerous small bowls in which the various accompaniments along with the rice are brought in. The centre of the plate is left empty for visitors to serve the rice on this part of the plate and later they can put in the servings and enjoy their meal. There are various chutneys of mashed potato, mashed brinjal, dhania chutney, pudina chutney and there was no sign of anything that has been pre-cooked and served and everything was prepared afresh and served and this entire platter just cost INR 150 per plate at our time of visit and both of us enjoyed this meal and we started to explore the Kaziranga Orchid park as Martin was very much interested in orchids (however he preferred to see the ones in the wild and though we did spot some of these in the Mawphlang Sacred groves and the Nameri National park but as the flowering season is mostly in June and July so it was best to be experiences in the green room here at Kaziranga Orchid during our time of visit in April). We started by exploring the green house area and a local guide joined us and he helped us to identify the orchid species with its local name and scientific names as well and the also the places where these species are indigenous to and the green house has a huge collection of varieties of orchids that have been sourced from various parts of North East India.

The region has a diverse landscape and various species of flora and fauna are to be found in the forest pockets and the orchid species are grandeur to witness here. The various orchid species are grown along the sides and the central area of the green house at the Kaziranga Orchid Park and the walking rows are around the place so that you get a nice view of these flowering orchid species. After this we went to explore the section of handicrafts and handlooms that is to the left of the green house and we spotted two ladies sitting on a handmade loom and they were weaving out some exquisite Mishing handlooms of Assam. The area around Kaziranga is inhabited by the Mishing people of Assam they are known to weave out some exquisite crafts of bamboo and cane and the traditional cloth that they prepare on their own. None of the things used in production is artificial and everything is done by hands to bring an exclusive finishing to the end product.

The way the women weaved on the loom looked very interesting with the brisk movement of their hands making the end fabric and weaving out exquisite floral designs on the cloth and it intrigued the two of us. The handicrafts were all weaved with bamboo and cane and there were a host of items from baskets, bags, chairs, fishing equipment’s, musical instruments, etc. We admired this section of the handicrafts and handloom and later headed to the Orchid Photo gallery to witness the picture capture of some of the exquisite orchid captures from across the region and there was a person here who was differentially abled and on a wheel chair and his knowledge about the various pictures displayed here was top notch and he explained to us about the features and the availability of the orchid species. Next up we visited the rice museum that illustrates the various indigenous varieties of rice grown in Assam and North Eastern region. The folk dance performance was scheduled to start and we took our seats here and waited for the dancers to come out and perform on the stage. The bamboo dance was performed at the beginning and young boys and girls dressed in their traditional attires came on the stage and they started performing this unique dance wherein the boys hold the bamboo at the ends and four boys sit at opposite directions and they move the bamboo in a rhythmic pattern and the girl hops in and out of the maze that is created and the traditional drum beat plays in the background.

Next was the performance of the Bihu dance of Assam and even though we witnessed this performance in Guwahati but still being a part of it here was a chance we did not want to miss. The girls dancer was adorned in the beautiful Muga silk mekhela chador and the boys too were wearing the traditional dhoti and the performance started with the boys taking backstage and playing the traditional musical instruments and the girls performed the Bihu dance at the front with the brisk hand and foot movements that looked very elegant. At the end of the performance the guests were invited on the stage as well and they took turns to try their chance performing the Bihu dance of Assam. It was getting dark and we had to call it a day as the place was about to close for the day and we headed back to the Bonhabi resort and I took my luggage and went to the Subhalaya Guest House nearby.

Bon Habi Resort, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
The Huge Area of Dining of the Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga

I came back at 6 PM and Martin was out in the lawn exploring the greenery around the place and I asked him what he wanted to do and we just took a walk around the place and as he prefers to have an early dinner and later get back to his computer and camera working on his photographs and videos I ordered his dinner at the Bonhabi resort itself. A buffet dinner was schedule today but also the A la Carte menu was available and so as he wanted to finish his dinner early and return to his room to start on our early morning jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park before heading to Majuli, I ordered him chicken fried rice and a chilly chicken recipe along with a salad to be washed properly with hot water and the dinner would be served in his room. With this I called it a day and I went to the Jeep driver’s place to remind him of our ride tomorrow morning at 7 AM and also to pack my dinner from the Pelican Dhaba and a small bottle of whiskey as well from the Kohora market area and I came back to the Subhalaya Guest House and after freshening up I turned on the television and savoured my whiskey and enjoyed the tasty Assamese dinner that I bought from the Pelican Dhaba and retired to bed.

The next day I was up at 6 AM and I freshened up and went to the Bonhabi resort to check on Martin and he was already ready and taking stroll around the place. We had a cup of tea and biscuits and would come back later for breakfast and the jeep driver arrived at 7 AM and at 7.15 we headed on the drive to the Agoratoli range at Kaziranga National Park as this is a less frequented range and sighting of animals are better here. We reached the Safari range and I paid the entrance fees and our jeep safari ride began and we tried to keep an eye on any moving object on the ground to see it was a python species but our luck did not favour us and we had to be content with the rhinoceros, hog deers, wild water buffaloes, wild elephants, assamese macaques and various species of birds. Our jeep ride ended after an hour and half as the interiors was drenched in rain the roads difficult to navigate otherwise it would have gone for 2 hours but we didn’t mind as our search was not materializing and we came back to the Bonhabi resort and had our breakfast and I cleared the dues at our places of stay and the jeep driver and we started on our drive to Majuli to reach Neemati Ghat thereby ending our pleasant stay at the beautiful campus of the Bonhabi resort in Kaziranga.