Majuli Island

Nestled in the midst of the mighty Brahmaputra river, Majuli is the largest river island on the World. Majuli Island derives a unique identity as being a place a holy place of the Neo Vaishnavism cult of Assam which makes it a true treasure house of culture and religion. The peaceful environment of this river island is what draws visitors from across the World to Majuli. The village atmosphere with the touch of modernity (has all amenities like electricity, mobile and data coverage), the cool winds of the rivers Brahmaputra and Luit, the warm and welcoming people, delicious traditional cuisine of the Mishings of Majuli, the religious Monasteries, the island to you for cycling,  swimming in the natural lakes, traditional fishing on the open rivers, trekking across the huge forest reserves, visiting the Samaguri Satra to learn about the traditional art of mask making, visit the Salmora Village to try your hands at traditional pottery making, indulging in endless conversations in broken english with the local villagers over a kitchen fire, sipping a huge bowl of the traditional rice wine called ‘Apong’, exploring the many Satras, roaming around the island on a rented motorbike (this to give a feel of Ga but with a less number of tourists), indulging in the festivities of various festivals especially the Raas Leela, putting your camera to work by clicking pictures of amazing birds that visit Majuli every year from far across the World relaxing on the sands of the river bank to catch a glimpse of the sunset, gazing at the stars on a clear sky free of smog, reading a book, relaxing on a hammock, sipping a cup of black tea or coffee, camping in the open air tents, trying your hand at traditional handloom weaving, trying your hand at cooking with freshly picked vegetables and herbs from an organic garden, playing on huge open green fields with you children and loved ones, walking along the river banks til the time you board your ferry to bid Goodbye to Majuli, you will never feel how you ran out of your time in Majuli Island and were still left with many things to do and explore. For example you missed to see the Sattriya Nritya performance at the Uttar Kamalabari Satra – which is among one of the eight classical dance performances of India or you missed to step foot in the Museum of the Auniati Satra that has on display many ancient relics of the Ahom Kingdom of Assam – the fear of the Mighty Mughals. Majuli Island has lots to offer its visitors from the perspective of ecotourism environment where visitors blend themselves to the natural environment of the place and for a few days become a part of that place and indulge in activities that form a part of the day to day activities of the people of Majuli Island. There are numerous instances when visitors come to Majuli Island only for a day but end up spending more than a month just to feel the calmness, vast natural beauty, the warmth of the simple people here at Majuli. A land of fun, frolic, festivals, peace, calm, natural environment, simple people, rich cultural heritage – We welcome you to the Largest River Island in the World – welcome to Majuli Island!