Dzukou Valley

“If you can’t be in awe of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you!” – Alex Trebek


Dzukou Valley is a piece of heaven on Mother Earth! Dzukou Valley is a gift of Mother Nature that is sure to leave any visitor to the valley awestruck! And if the beauty of the Dzukou Valley doesn’t leave you mesmerized, the above quote would indeed be apt for you because the unconditional natural bliss of Dzukou Valley is sure to leave anyone mesmerized! Often referred to as the ‘Valley of flowers’ – Dzukou Valley is renowned across the World for its natural environment, seasonal flowers, flora and fauna. The rare Dzukou Lily is found only at the Dzukou Valley. A visit to Dzukou Valley is a must for any hungry traveller whose appetite demands the vast unadulterated landscapes of Mother Nature surrounded by a green carpet of mountains, colorful flowers whose pleasant fragrance bring a soothing calm to one’s mind, green grass pathways that seen no less than the red carpet at any movie award ceremony, clouds that kiss the mountains and brings down a pleasant drizzle that makes the smell of Mother Earth heavenly!

Location and How to reach Dzukou Valley ~

The Dzukou Valley is located at an altitude of 2453 m above the mean sea level. Dzukou Valley is located at the border of the States of Nagaland and Manipur in North East India right behind the Second highest mountain peak of Nagaland the Japfu Peak. Although it’s not very clear as to how this valley got its name as Dzukou, many locals believe that the name ‘Dzukou’ is derived from the Angami Naga dialect meaning ‘Soulless and Dull’ referring to when the ancestors of the Angami’s when unable to harvest crops at Dzukou termed the valley as ‘this valley is very beautiful but dull and soulless’.

Dzukou Valley being located at the Border of the States of Nagaland and Manipur can be accessed by arrival at either of the States. The trek to Dzukou can be accessed via Manipur but the better approach is through Nagaland. If you are planning to access Dzukou Valley via Manipur it’s always advisable to seek companionship of local guide as the route to Dzukou Valley at Manipur is more strenuous as the roads are not in a proper condition. A tough challenge, your approach to Dzukou Valley is advisable from Manipur if you are a core adventure junkie and challenging toughness is your way of life. The thrill you seek during this trek is unmatched and the fruits rewarding. We can assist you to plan your visit to Dzukou Valley from Manipur with local guides from Manipur.

We undertake most of our treks to Dzukou Valley from Nagaland and shall focus on providing you details about approaching Dzukou Valley in a slightly less daunting and pleasant trek.

The trek to Dzukou Valley from Nagaland begins with your arrival in Nagaland at the Dimapur Airport/Railway Station or via road from Assam/Manipur. From Dimapur, we drive to the capital city of Nagaland at Kohima. Kohima serves as a preferred halt point for the night because of the availability of accommodations but mostly for a good nights sleep to begin the trek to Dzukou Valley the following day.