~ Tailored Tour of Assam & Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli, Sivasagar, Dibrugarh & Guwahati 

April 2016

Jungleideas was recommended to my family by one of my colleagues. We were slightly sceptical at the beginning as they were a new company and we were their first travellers. We still went ahead and we didn’t regret. Personal attention to all our needs were catered to. I had asked for the best accommodations at all locations and Arunav ensured all bookings were taken care of. Their knowledge about their place is wonderful and we loved Assam and Meghalaya. Thank you Arunav. Great job promoting North East India!

Gopikrishna B & Family


​~ Tailored Tour of Upper Assam ~ Tinsukia, Digboi, Margherita, Ledo, Tipong 

May 2016

I had visited Namdapha on my earlier visit to North East India and I wanted to explore the locations of Upper Assam on my next visit. There were no much information on these places on the internet until I found this website. Arunav was very helpful in planning this tour and ensured our comfort was taken care of even though we decided to change our stay place at the last moment. Highly recommend.

Dr. Abhijit Choudhary & Family


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Pobitora, Cherrapunji, Root Bridges, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Chandubi Lake

November 2016

Plan to visit Meghalaya started in June. I contacted these guys through internet and the Itinerary was finalized. I love nature and Arunav had planned my visit to ensure that I stayed in the midst of nature at all locations. Saimika Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong Homestay, Chandubi Jungle Camp all were simply wonderful. I had come down there after my trek from Everest base camp. The guys were kind enough to show me places near Guwahati that were not even in the Itinerary. Homestay experience at Guwahati was amazing. The local wine and dinner cooked over fire was awesome. Thanks you again.

Michal Khuna

Czech Republic

​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Pobitora, Cherrapunji, Root Bridges, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Chandubi Lake

December 2016 – January 2017

Had a wonderful experience with the Jungle Ideas team through Assam and Meghalaya. One week of bliss ! You guys made us feel at home and showed us the true north eastern tradition. Kudos to you all to go out of the way to make our trip thoroughly amazing! Wishing you the best in all future endeavours

Alan Abraham & Supraja Suresh

Australia & Mumbai

​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park, Suwalkuchi & Guwahati

February 2017

Liked the Hospitality most, followed by true meaning of Cherrapunjee as “The Shade of Cloud” & Meghalaya as The Abode of Cloud”. Suwalkuchi is the True value for money.
Overall Very Good Experience, last but not the least…FOOD was Awesome.

Thanks Arunav for such an wonderful host.

Supriyo Batabyal and Family


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park & Guwahati

February 2017

One of the best places in India to be visited. Assam is indeed beautiful and Meghalaya is mesmerizing. Spotting the One Horned Rhinoceros at Kaziranga from a close distance was like a dream come true. Have to mention the hospitality as superb! Arunav took care of my smallest requirements and was accommodating enough to allow me to halt at home for a night to experience the hospitality of people of Assam at its best. The chicken served at his home was just delicious! Looking forward to plan my next visit soon.

Mohammad Aftab

Ranchi, Jharkhand

~ ​Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Shillong, Kaziranga & Guwahati

March 2017

It was one of the best trip.. Shilling and Kaziranga was amazing. Thank you jungleideas

Anshumann Sharma


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park & Guwahati

March 2017

Our Booking with Jungleideas was a pleasant one. Although the Hotel at Guwahati was changed but prior information was provided to us. We were slightly sceptical as there were no reviews of this Hotel NEZone on the internet but Arunav was polite enough to send us pictures of the rooms for our satisfaction. We were two female travellers and the team ensured to take all care to make our visit as comfortable as possible. Thank you jungleideas.

Charu Suryavanshi and Family


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli & Guwahati

March 2017

Travelling with Jungleideas gave me a genuine experience of what it means to travel off the beaten path. I’m sure I wouldn’t have got this experience if I was traveling on my own or with some other travel agency. Highly recommended anyone travelling to North East India to connect with Jungleideas.

Shilpa Shasidhar


​~ Sight Seeing at Guwahati and savoring traditional wine and food at their Homestay

March 2017

I didn’t avail their tour packages as I prefer travelling alone. I knew Arunav from a mutual friend and he asked Arunav to make arrangements for my stay at Guwahati. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. This was like the craziest experience I ever had. From dining on traditional tribal food to dining at a local boat by the Brahmaputra. The local liquor was amazing! My journey to North East wouldn’t have been complete without meeting the guys at Jungleideas. Thanks a ton!

Rue Macleod


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park, & Guwahati

March 2017

Never thought I would plan a trip to Northeast India. It was all of a sudden.. But Thank you Jungleideas. You gave me a complete experience. One of the best I would say.
Planning my next trip soon

Yuvrajsinh Zala


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli & Guwahati

April 2017

Highly recommend Jungle Ideas. We had a great travel experience and were very satisfied with the arrangements made..

Mohammed Zeshan 


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam, Meghalaya & Nagaland ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Kaziranga National Park, Kohima, Dzukou Valley

May – June 2017

So let me start off by introducing these gentlemen.
Arunav studied with me in college while I was doing my masters. A very sorted individual who now is the brain behind #Jungleideas. He kept posting all these beautiful pictures of the north-east and that’s when I thought why don’t I explore this part of the country! Especially when I was travelling for the first time in ages, exploring on my own did not seem attractive. So, he took on the role of making this an awesome trip and made the itinerary with the help of the other two great guys who are the arms and legs of Jungleideas – Sanju and Kaushik, revised it multiple times to suit our requirement and planned everything to the T. Kaushik and Sanju are not only passionate, they are resourceful, empathetic, helpful, motivating, deep in their thoughts and people with great taste in music! If it weren’t for these three, we’d have had a tough time trying to understand where to go and what to do. So, I want to say THANK YOU, for making it amazing for Priyanka and I 🙂

Vismaya MN & Priyanka Shekar


~ Tailored Tour of Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawsynram, Mawlyngbana, Mawphlang, Guwahati

July 2017

I took a trip last week to northeast India. Every place seemed to mesmerize me.. the beauty of the places was astonishing. thank you jungleideas. Would really like to tell people that if you haven’t visited northeast and you are a travel enthusiasts, you really are missing a spectacular experience.. Had fun.. hoping to see you guys again soon..

Mayank Srikanth Nayak


​~ Tailored Tour of Meghalaya ~ Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Mawphlang, Mawsynram

July 2017

Our plan originally was to visit Darjeeling and Sikkim. But due to a recent violence in West Bengal we had to reschedule our entire visit to North East India. Thanks to Arunav who our last minute preparations hassle free! He was literally able to manage all bookings within a days notice at a times when Meghalaya was full of visitors due to the holiday season. Arunav, your idea to skip accommodation at Shillong was indeed a witty one and as you said we wouldn’t be able to find a decent one there. Thanks again.

Arun Nayak and Family


~ Tailored Tour of Meghalaya ~ Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Mawphlang, Mawsynram

August 2017

Arunav.. Bhai.. Thanks a ton for your assistance! The last moment plan to visit Meghalaya was indeed hectic! All thanks to your planning and support that we were able to find the available accommodations at the respective places. The trip was excellent! look forward in meeting you guys soon.

Sahil Kathpal

New Delhi

​~ Trekking Tour at Meghalaya ~ Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Mawphlang

October 2017

We were a group of 14 members visiting North East India for the first time. We choose Meghalaya as our destination as we are avid trekkers. The natural beauty of  Meghalaya left us spell bound! Arunav had suggested the David Scott Trail trek and the Umshiang Double Decker Living Root Bridge trail trek and it indeed was the right choice. Both these trek routes were amazing! Apart from a night stay at Cherrapunji the tour was well planned and executed.

Ambition Adventures


​~ Tailored Tour of Meghalaya ~ Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Mawphlang, Mawsynram

November 2017

The trip reminded me a lot about my childhood. Amazing hospitality and serenading scenery.. thank you so very much jungleideas. You made my trip memorable.. kudos

Somya Gupta

Ghaziabad, UP

​~ Homestay Experience – Majuli Island & Guwahati

November 2017

I was lucky enough to meet Arunav and Kaushik by chance when they just opened a cool new place in Majuli Island, they made my trip so much better with their knowledge, kindness and amazing hospitality..
That’s the first time I ever write a review because I genuinely feel it’s really hard to find people like them that first care about your experience and not just about your money.. Thank you guys!

Amit Toledo


~ ​Tailored Tour ~ Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and Guwahati

November 2017

We booked our accommodation at Guwahati at Arunav’s home and took a birding tour of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. We were able to spot various birds here and were lucky to have spotted a male and female rhinoceros from a very close distance. We also visited Mayong Black Magic Museum, the North East Museum of handicrafts and handlooms at Guwahati and the Srimanta Shankardeva Kalakhetra to understand the rich culture of the tribes of Assam. Thank you Arunav for your hospitality!

Janet Niichel and Patrick


~ ​Tour of Dibru Saikhowa National Park and Dhola-Sadiya Bridge

November 2017

Took a River Cruise at Dibru Saikhowa National Park along with my family and visited the Longest Bridge in India – the Dhola Sadiya Bridge. Arrangements for our tour was well taken care of. Thank you Arunav!

Holiram Terang and Family

Diphu, Assam

​~ Tailored Tour of Upper Assam – Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, Margherita, Digboi, Ledo and Lekhapani

November 2017

I was continuing my journey from Arunachal Pradesh and I booked my tour of Upper Assam with Jungleideas. Bird watching at Maguri Beel was amazing. Also stay at Singpho Eco Lodge at Margherita was a rewarding experience. Visited many Monasteries, the Digboi Oil Museum and the Coal Museum at Margherita. The visited to the Stilwell Road and the Digboi War Cemetery brought back many memories of the World War II. The tour was well planned and arranged. Arunav was well aware of the locations and served as a perfect guide. Slightly disappointed for not being able to sight the Feral Horses at Dibru-Saikhowa National Park.

Francoise Walker


​~ Tour of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary ~ Assam

December 2017

I had planned my tour of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam with Jungleideas. Arunav assisted me with the required bookings at the Resort at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, the Elephant Safri here and the airport transfers. It was wonderful to sight the One Horned Rhinoceros at the place that has its highest population density anywhere in the World! It was an amazing experience here at Pobitora. Thank you Arunav!

Dennis Nullet


​~ Tour of Oldest Operational Steam Locomotives in the World ~ Tipong Colliery ~ Assam

December 2017

I am a passionate photographer of Steam Locomotives and travel around the World clicking pictures as a hobby. I had heard about DAVID which is the Oldest Operational Steam Locomotive in the World from a friend and had a plan to visit Tipong to witness the locomotive in action. I found Arunav on the internet and came to know that he would be able to arrange a tour for me here. And i had no regrets! From transfers to stay to arranging the locomotive in action Arunav took care of all. It was later I came to know that it was only through him that I was able to get the experience to see this priceless locomotive in action as DAVID doesn’t run without prior approvals and this tour was arranged especially for me. It was indeed great to see DAVID on run for one last time. Thank you Arunav! Your passion in promoting your place is indeed awesome!

Ken Endo & Kaho


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Shillong, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli & Guwahati

March 2018

Planned our tour of Assam and Meghalaya with Jungleideas. Arunav was with us from the very beginning and helped us out in planning out tour from start to the end. From picking us up at the airport to dropping us he spen the entire time of the tour duration with us. Explored the natural wonders of Meghalaya and spotted the majestic wildlife of Assam at Kaziranga National Park. The Sattriya Nritya dance performance at Majuli was specially arranged for us which wouldn’t have been possible if we traveled on our own with a taxi. Our son enjoyed a good company with Arunav! Thank you Arunav it was a pleasure exploring your place with you on our journey across India’s Paradise Unexplored!

Vivek S and Family


​~ Tailored Tour of Assam and Meghalaya ~ Chandubi, Pobitora, Nameri, Cherrapunji, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli, Dibru Saikhowa & Guwahati

April 2018

I had planned my tour of Assam and Meghalaya with Jungleideas from December. It was my wish to sight the varied flora and fauna of Assam especially the varieties of snakes and fish species here. Arunav took me on a guided tour across the various destinations and I spent a wonderful time here. Assam is one of the most unexplored destination when it comes to varied wildlife and Arunav ensured to make all efforts to take me on a comfortable journey here. Thank you Arunav! Wish you the very best on all your future endeavors!

Martin Sekan


​~ Tour of Upper Assam ~ Ledo, Nampong, Margherita, Ledo, Tipong 

May 2018

Planned a visit to the Easternmost Railway station at Ledo and took an opportunity to explore around the area for 24 hours. Arunav assisted me with my travel and stay bookings. All went fine. Thanks Arunav!

Aloke Mukherjee


Tailored Tour of Meghalaya ~ Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki

July 2018

Had a fantastic tour of Meghalaya with my daughter. From the time I contacted them for my visit til my drop off, Arunav had always been supportive of all the plannings. The visit to the Double Decker Living Root Bridge was indeed an amazing experience and so was sighting the Nohkalikai Falls. Sa i Mika resort at Cherrapunji suggested by Arunav is one of the best stay options here. Thank you Arunav for all your assistance. Planning for a visit again soon!

Ninita Gogoi

New Delhi