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The Nature Hunt Eco Camp Entrance view at Kaziranga ~ Kaziranga National Park ~ Assam ~ India

If you want to experience ecotourism at its best at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park then the Nature Hunt Eco Camp is the ideal destination for your stop over at Kaziranga. Located at a distance of 4 km from the main gate of the Kohora Safari Range at Kaziranga Nature Hunt Eco Camp is an initiative of two dynamic youths of Assam who know hospitality pretty well and have come up with this fantastic initiative of showcasing the beauty of the Kaziranga National Park in a unique Assamese way. Elegantly designed Assamese style cottages fill the area of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp alongside the beautiful tea plantations. Nature Hunt Eco-Camp at Kaziranga gives you an opportunity to reveal the secrets hidden in Kaziranga and interact with natural resources as well as to enjoy the pristine beauty of this region. The Camp provides an excellent experience of an Eco-Camp with Bamboo cottages that are very ethnic and it is on the stilts which is called “Chang Ghar (house)” in local language and made of bamboo, thatch, Ikora (Long grass) and wood with mud clad wall–typical Assamese way to build houses. The Nature Hunt Eco-Camp is a medium to interact with nature and give opportunity for the conservation of flora and fauna to both the host and guest.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp is a place where you ditch the hustle and bustle of a fast city life and retire yourself to the nature cut off from the modern technologies of television and air conditioning and fill your mind and body with a soothing calm of the fresh blowing breeze. Beautiful tea gardens surround the entire camp offering a unique Eco friendly environment.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp is located conveniently near the National Highway. A quite, compact and neat resort, it offers you a true jungle stay with the sound of the chirping birds to greet you across the day. The Nature Hunt Eco Camp has an in-house restaurant that serves various ethnic delicacies. Although they do not have an alacarte menu, the food served here is always fresh that compensates for the non-availability of many varieties. The must try at Nature Hunt Eco Camp is the traditional Assamese Platter both Veg and Non-Veg.

Facilities available at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp – Kaziranga National Park

  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Car Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Pick up and Drop
  • Luggage Storage
  • Hot Water
  • Bonfire
  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
Nature Hunt Eco Camp – Kohora – Kaziranga National Park
Room Types Total Nos.  Occupancy Tariff (INR)
Chang Ghar 4 Single/Double 3500
Assamese Bamboo Cottage 3 Single/Double 3800
Bamboo Cottage Luxury 2 Single/Double 3900
Big Dormitory for Families 1 Single/Double 5600
Nationality Safari Rates at the different Ranges in Kaziranga National Park (6 Persons Tariffs)
Ranges Bagori Kohora Agaratoli Burapahar
Jeep Safari
Indians (Per Jeep) 3650 3550 4250 4750
Foreigners (Per Jeep) 7000 6900 7600 8100
Elephant Safari
Indians (Per Head) 1200
Foreigners (Per Head) 2500         2500

** Subjected to revision before the Start of Season in October


For Bookings enquiry at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga National Park please tell us:

Hosting our guests from Bangalore at Nature Hunt Eco Camp – Kaziranga

In the month of March 2018, I got the opportunity of conducting a personalized tour for Mr. Vivek and family from Bangalore who decided to tour Meghalaya and Assam with us. I planned on the Itinerary and we had 8 Days and 7 Nights and we had to plan a lot of things in these few days and so we started from Guwahati to Cherrapunji, Nongriat village (Double Decker Root Bridge Trek), Dawki and Mawlynnong, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli and finally travelling to Guwahati and them flying further to Bangalore. At Kaziranga I wanted them to witness a stay at an ethnic Assamese Cottage style environment and what better place to experience this than the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga. Owned and operated by two dynamic youth associated with tourism in Assam and North East India since 2008 (Ronnie and Raj) and under the able guidance of the Manager Aovick, the Nature Hunt Eco Camp0 located just a little ahead of the Kohora area in Kaziranga is one of the best Ecotourism stay options in Kaziranga and Assam as well located at the foothills of the Karbi Anglong hills, the place is an ideal nature retreat surrounded by tall trees and a miniature tea garden and the beautiful backdrop of the Karbi Anglong hills. The jungle cottages at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga are designed in the traditional Assamese style on elevated platform with bamboo, wood and thatch roofs and there is also a fully functional ethnic kitchen and a big dorm area as well.

The place is located on a decent sized campus area and the only thing that you would miss here is the noisy environment of the city because the nature around you will make you feel in peace and you will be awoken in the morning not to the honking of cars in the street but the soulful chirping of the birds. The guests were very much looking forward for their stay at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp because they have always lived in a city environment and they wanted to experience the traditional life in the countryside amidst the nature. So I called up Ronnie and asked him for our reservations at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp and also to book the Elephant Safari ride slot for our guests as it was only a small family group and not the general big group size I lead. I would arrange for the jeep ride and I asked one of the jeep drivers who often accompanied my guests at Kaziranga and to be available on our day of visit at Kaziranga National park and Nature Hunt Eco Camp. With the things in place I went to pick our guests from the airport and they were coming by an early morning flight to Guwahati from Bangalore and we headed to Cherrapunji on the first day.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
Our guests hiking to the Nongriat village in Meghalaya

At Cherrapunji we visited the majestic Nohkalikai Waterfall (the tallest plunge waterfall in India) and called it a day after their long travel and the next day we visited the Double Decker Living Root Bridge at Nongriat village from Cherrapunji and back. We completed our visit to the border of India and Bangladesh at Dawki followed by the cleanest village of Asia at Mawlynnong and returned to Cherrapunji and on the fourth day of our tour we travelled to Kaziranga National Park at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp from Cherrapunji. We crossed Shillong and shortly came back to Assam and continued on our drive towards Kaziranga National Park from Jorabat. The beautiful landscapes and the countryside of Assam greeted us and we drove past Sonapur, Jagiroad, Raha to reach the Nagaon Bypass where we stopped for lunch at the Seven Sisters Dhaba that is a very popular food joint here and served delicious ethnic Assamese thali. After a quick lunch we proceeded again on our drive to head to Koliabor and further to Jakhlabandha approaching Kaziranga National Park. We headed further to approach the Burapahar range of Kaziranga followed by Bagori to reach the Kohora market area where we would head on to visit the Kaziranga Orchid Park at first and later check into the Nature Hunt Eco Camp by 5 PM.

The largest Orchid Park in India – the Kaziranga Orchid Park illustrates the various indigenous orchid species of North East India under one roof and also houses a bamboo garden, an ethnic centre of handicrafts and handloom, a cactus garden, a rice museum, an open stage for live traditional folk dance performances and a souvenir shop as well. Our guests explored the green house area of the Kaziranga Orchid Park where we witnesses the various flowering orchid species of Assam and North East India and a local lady took us on a tour of the green house showing us the various orchid species and helping us identity them with their names as well. The orchid park has been designed quite well and it is located at an elevated area and the flat stairway takes you to the top of the park when one can witness the orchid photo gallery, the rice museum, cactus garden, souvenir shop, stage area and the bamboo garden is located on the right side. After our visit at the green room we witnessed the handicraft and handloom section where the local ladies were weaving ethnic handlooms of Assam and also we saw the various bamboo handicrafts and cane handicrafts. Next to this section there is a room that has enlarged pictures of various ancient monuments of Assam and North East India like the ancient monuments of the Ahom capital of Sivasagar, etc.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
Folk dance performance at the Kaziranga Orchid park in Kaziranga

Next we went to explore the rice museum and cactus garden and savoured some freshly prepared black tea and rice cakes at the restaurant here at the Kaziranga Orchid Park and it was time to witness the traditional dance performances of Assam at the stage area. Across the day here at the Kaziranga Orchid Park, young boys and girls demonstrate the Bihu, Bamboo dance and the Mishing dances of Assam and these performances are staged at regular intervals. This ensures that the visitors coming to the Kaziranga Orchid Park get a holistic approach to the culture of Assam here at the Kaziranga Orchid Park. The boys and girls all dressed in their traditional attires started to take their place on the stage and they started with the bamboo dance performance where four boys kneeled on the ground holding the bamboo poles and kept moving them in a structured sequence and two girls hop in and out of the bamboo mesh and ensure that they do not trip on the bamboos. It was a wonderful experience to witness this dance performance in front of our eyes and later the Bihu dance performance started and the girl dressed in the traditional attire of the Muga silk Mekhela Chador and while the boys stood behind playing the traditional folk musical instruments and singing the Bihu songs.

The girl performed the Bihu dance with brisk dance movements and even the tourists witnessing the dance were called on stage to try their steps at the Bihu dance performance. After witnessing the wonderful performance we finally called it a day and moved to the Nature Hunt Eco Camp that is a short 5 minute drive from the Kaziranga Orchid Park. From the highway we had to take a right diversion of about 200 m to reach the beautiful campus of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga. A person came out to get the luggage and we moved across the beautiful miniature tea garden to go to the Nature Hunt Eco Camp reception. The manager Aovick welcomed us and after the check in formalities the guests we allocated the beautiful Assamese cottages right at the centre of the campus of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga. The entire area is lush and green and at first you are welcomed at the reception area where you can see the Tripadvisor Excellence Rating hung up on the walls along with pictures of the various guests who had stayed here at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp. A very popular stay option among the Foreign tourists who visit Kaziranga National Park and want to experience the authentic Assamese living environment the Nature Hunt Eco Camp has the dining hall adjacent to the reception area followed by the kitchen and dorm across on the left.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
The traditional Assamese cottages at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga

The guests checked in and I took a stroll across the campus of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga. Dustbins are present at regular intervals constructed with bamboo and this is a plastic free campus.  I met up with the manager and confirmed him of the elephant safari timing tomorrow morning. At Kaziranga, there are two slots of elephant safari timings for Indian Nationals and it is conducted at the Western Range at Bagori that meant that we had to drive back 15 minutes to the Bagori range to experience the Elephant Safari ride. The timings are 5 AM and 6.30 AM and I had previously requested to arrange the safari at 6.30 AM slot but due to rush we could only be offered the 5 AM slot and so I informed the guests that it would be an early morning for us tomorrow at 4.30 AM when we set out on our drive to the Bagori range from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga. One of the boys from the place would accompany us to get the passes and so I asked Aovick to provide out guest with an early dinner and I recommend that they try the special Assamese thali for dinner and I too took farewell for the day to head to my place of stay at the Subhalaya Guest House at Kaziranga National Park.

While I was moving out of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp campus I saw the staff members arranging for a bonfire and I asked them to inform our guests who could come and spend time by the bonfire after dinner before retiring to bed and I moved on my way to the Subhalaya Guest house that is a short 5 minute drive away from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga. At Kaziranga most of the Hotels, Resorts, Homestays and Guesthouses are concentrated at the Kohora area itself because this is the midpoint between the three ranges of Kohora, Agoratoli and Bagori and also because of the presence of a good market at the proximity of these stay places. There are few properties near the Bagori, Burapahar and Agoratoli ranges as well but most of the guests prefer to stay at the Kohora area itself. I prefer to stay at the Subhalaya Guest House during me time of visit to Kaziranga as it is a budget stay accommodation and it is very close to the Kohora market and to the Bon Habi resort and this place provides accommodation facilities only and the fooding has to be ordered from outside and this is a caretaker boy who would take down your food requirement and get it from the nearby Pelican Dhaba or some other fast food joints at Kohora so it is not a problem.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
The traditional kitchen at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga

I know the places around Kaziranga and also the Pelican Dhaba that serves authentic Assamese cuisine and is a very popular eatery at the Kohora area and so I headed to the Pelican Dhaba to pick up my food and before that I stopped at a wine store to pick up a small bottle of whiskey to end a long day and also to go to sleep early as I had to wake up at 4 AM to take my guests from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp to the Western Range of Kaziranga National Park at Bagori. At the Pelican Dhaba I picked up my local favourites of the Assamese thali and the Borali fish curry and with this I headed to the Subhalaya Guest House at the Kohora area in Kaziranga National Park. The owner assigned me the room, and the caretaker got me a plate, spoon and bowl to have my dinner and I took a quick shower and sat by the television and looked at my emails savouring a glass of whiskey and after the long day I felt quite tired and had my dinner and went to bed to get up at 4 AM. After freshening up I started my car and headed to drive towards the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga and the guests were almost ready and along with the boy from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp we started on our drive to the Bagori range of Kaziranga to collect the pass and then go on a thrilling elephant safari ride experience.

As it was in the morning time there were very few cars and other vehicles on the road and in about 15 minutes we reached the Bagori safari range point and the place was filled with various taxi vehicles all of them bringing in tourists to enjoy their early morning safari ride. Thankfully it waa during the month of March and not December and the sun was already up and there was adequate light otherwise in December it is often dark and foggy as well. I parked the car and all of us got down from the car and we moved to the Forest Office that would assign us the pass and the boy from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp took me there and we got the three elephant safari passes of our guests who would be going for the elephant safari ride while the two of us waited for them over a cup of tea. So while the guests went ahead to board their elephant backs and go in for the elephant safari I took a chance to take a nap as we were scheduled for our round of jeep safari after breakfast and later had to drive to Majuli Island from Kaziranga. The boy went to speak to the authorities and I took a nap until the time our guests were back and they had a wonderful elephant safari experience and the young boy loved the elephant safari experience a lot and the guests loved the way the Mahout treated his elephant by feeding it regularly and after the safari ride he checked for any injury to the elephant’s feet but everything was fine.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
Welcome to Kaziranga National Park at the Western Range of Bagori

Kaziranga National Park has a decided facility for veterinary care for the various animals and the experienced doctors are present here who take utmost care of the animals here. The elephants used in these safari rides are checked regularly for any health issues and they are provided the best treatment in case any animal is not well and this is what makes the guests eager to go for the elephant back rides because they know that the animals are taken care off well and there was no signs of abuse on them. With this I called the other boy and we headed back to the Nature Hunt Eco Camp. The guests sighted the rhinoceros and many birds and animal species and the Mahout took them up close to see a rhino and for that the guests tipped him well. While we were driving back towards the Nature Hunt Eco Camp, the boy asked me to stop the car and he pointed to a tall tree and on top we saw a group of capped langurs and all of them were chewing on some fruit and sighting this primate species out in the wild was a wonderful experience. We kept driving and shortly reached the Nature Hunt Eco Camp and we were scheduled to have our breakfast and later proceed on our jeep safari ride at the central range of Kohora in Kaziranga National Park.

We reached the Nature Hunt Eco Camp and most of the guests were up by now as they had not opted for their elephant safari rides and some had completed their ride yesterday itself. At the Nature Hunt Eco Camp visitors often stay for a long duration because they love the natural environment around the place and the peace and tranquil around them makes them want to experience more of Kaziranga in their itinerary. Our guest went to freshen up and I called the jeep drive and asked him to reach the Nature Hunt Eco Camp by 8 AM sharp and we were scheduled to depart from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at 10 AM to reach Neemati Ghat by 12 PM and head on further to Majuli. Our breakfast was served at 7.30 AM and the breakfast is not a buffet breakfast here at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp and is made to order as it is not a very big place with not many guests present at a time and the buffet option doesn’t seem to work out. We ordered for Puri Sabji and bread toast and I ordered myself an omelette as well. I knew the Jeep ride would be bumpy because the roads inside the ranges of Kaziranga National Park were not pitched and this cannot be done as well because of the annual floods at Kaziranga and also the entire point of a jungle safari is lost if the roads are smooth.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
Sighting of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros at the Kohora Range of Kaziranga

So I advised everyone not to fill their stomach to full and is needed we could pack the breakfast and keep it and take it along with us when we left. I had already collected my stuff from the Subhalaya Guest House and paid the balance amount to the owner and so I kept my car at the premises of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp and at 8 AM the jeep drive arrived and we started on our jeep safari ride to go to the Kohora range of Kaziranga from the Nature Hunt Eco Camp. The safari ride at Kohora would last for about an hour and half and so we did not waste time and headed to the safari range. We crossed the Sildubi Gaon after the Kohora market and reached the forest office where I paid the entrance fees and we started on our jeep ride at Kohora. The guests from the second round of elephant safari were coming out of the range and this range conducts elephant safari mostly for the foreign nationals while the jeep rides are conducted for both the Indian and Foreign Nationals. A short while into the ride we spotted our first rhinoceros and it was very close as well and the guests took their time clicking their pictures. Further ahead we got to see a wild elephant herd spending their time at a water body and it was a thrilling experience.

The jeep driver warned us not to make any sudden movements so as to not to startle the elephant herd or else they might come charging at us and we obliged. Continuing further we spotted wild boars, hog deers, wild water buffaloes, sambar deers and various bird species. The highlight was spotting of the Great Indian Hornbill perched atop a tree and with this our hour and half long jeep safari ride came to an end and we headed back to the Nature Hunt Eco Camp. I paid the jeep driver and also cleared the dues at the Nature Hunt Eco Camp while the guests packed their bags and we were off to the largest river island in the World at Majuli in Assam. At around 12 PM we reached Neemati Ghat and boarded our ferry to reach Majuli Island where we checked into the La Maison De Ananda and went to the river side in the evening followed by the session of the ‘Sattriya Nritya’ performance at the Uttar Kamalabari Satra. The next day we visited the Auniati Satra, Samaguri Satra and the Salmora village and the following day we returned to Guwahati. The tour ended with our visit to the Assam State Museum, the Umananda Temple and the Kamakhya temple and I dropped our guests at the Guwahati airport for their onward flight to Bangalore.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts
Welcome at the entrance of the Nature Hunt Eco Camp at Kaziranga