“First we eat, then we do everything else” – MFK Fisher

There can’t be anything wiser than the above quote by MFK Fisher. It is indeed true that an empty stomach makes you grumble… And why grumble when you are about to begin an amazing and thrilling experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park! Undoubtedly the place where you choose to halt at Kaziranga National Park will have an amazing restaurant with a A-La-Carte Menu that would satisfy your urge to fill your stomach and tingle your taste buds but what about the time until you reach Kaziranga National Park? A long flight, the wait for your luggage at the airport, boarding your taxi and embarking on your journey to Kaziranga National Park is an easy 6 hour drive. And with the amount of travel you have already undertaken to reach the Guwahati airport at the far eastern most part of the country, it is indeed sure that you will start feeling hungry and the excitement to sight the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, the Indian Tigers, the Asiatic Wild Water Buffaloes, the Asiatic Elephants, the Leopards, the Sambars and the various Bird species at Kaziranga National Park is sure to mellow down if you are on an empty stomach and the only picture you paint in your mind is a plate filled with your favorite food and the only thought that keeps coming back to your mind is “If I could eat anything”. Through this small article, we try to list down the names of a few restaurants and roadside dhabas from the start of your journey at Guwahati Airport continuing up to Numaligarh on the way to Majuli Island from Kaziranga National Park. We have not listed the names of Restaurants at the Hotels and Resorts of the Kaziranga National Park as same is listed under our tab Hotels and Resorts at Kaziranga.

So here goes the list –

1| KFC – Guwahati Airport (220 km to Kaziranga National Park)

The always favorite KFC is present at the parking lot of the Guwahati airport. Head to the KFC here to enjoy your favorite fried chicken items or the rice bowls. They also have an extension – Vaango that serves hot and flavorful South Indian dishes too. You can choose to eat here before embarking on your long drive to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati.

2| Anand Tiffins – Guwahati Airport (220 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Nothing refreshes you like a hot South Indian Coffee and Anand Tiffins just adjacent to the KFC at Guwahati Airport specializes in this. Freshly brewed coffee is always present here along with the all time favorites of South Indian delights like Masala Dosa, Idli Vadas, Uthappa’s and the lip smacking Hyderabadi Biryani. If you are not an ardent KFC Fan then hop in here for a quick snack before you begin your 5 hour drive to Kaziranga National Park.

3| Volga Sweets – Azara (215 km to Kaziranga National Park)

If you didn’t have enough time to halt and grab a bite to eat at the Airport then just little ahead from the airport is the Volga Sweets on the way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati. Stop over here if you have a sweet tooth and as they say in India, “Subh Kaam Karne Se Pehle Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye”. What “Subh” than a vacation a Kaziranga National Park and what “Sweeter” than Rosogollas. Come in at Volga Sweets and grab a bite of your favorite sweets from gulab jamuns, kaju barfi, mishti doi, etc. They also have a restaurant behind that again serves you hot puri sabjis, dosas, sandwiches, etc.

4| The Dhaba – Azara (212 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A Non Vegetarians Paradise, the Dhaba is one of the most popular food joints in the city of Guwahati based at Silpukhuri. They recently have opened one of their outlets near the airport on the way to Kaziranga National Park that serves a wide menu of delicious main course meals. While at the Dhaba, relish their Mutton Biryani along with the Chicken Tikka Masala.

5| Jalukbari Dhaba – Jalukbari (202 km to Kaziranga National Park)

After you reach the outskirts of the Guwahati city along the National Highway towards Kaziranga National Park what greets you first is the Jalukbari Dhaba. A nicely built, cozy place that serves ethnic food at affordable prices. The must try at Jalukbari Dhaba is the Jalukbari Dhaba special chicken.

6| Shankar Dhaba – ISBT (198 km to Kaziranga National Park)

The Shankar Dhaba is located just after crossing the Inter State Bus Terminus and the Balaji Temple at Guwahati and is a popular joint for the people of Guwahati on the way to Kaziranga National Park. Must try at the Shankar Dhaba are the Chicken Curry and the Rotis.

7| Paakghar – Lokhra (195 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A family restaurant serving a variety of cuisine from delicious Assamese Thalis to South India specialities like Masala Dosas. North Indian food is also available with specialities like tandoor chicken and paneer items. The best try here is the Assamese Thali along with local chicken and fried fish. Do stop by at the Pakghar restaurant on the way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati.

8| Dichang Resort – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A luxury resort located on the outskirts of Guwahati city, the Dichang Resort is a popular day outing for the people of Guwahati especially during the weekends. They have an a-la-carte menu and the food here is amazing. Try the various meat and fish recipes at the Dichang Resort on your way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati or Shillong.

9| Orange Resort – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Another nice place located at Sonapur, the Orange resort offers various multi cuisine dishes to its visitors. The speciality here are the various fish recipes. From fried small fishes to tangy fish curries, their restaurant offers their visitors with many more mouth watering delicacies. Also try the poultry dishes on the menu as well. For fish lovers the Orange resort at Sonapur is a must halt place on the way to Kaziranga National Park.

10| Georges Retreat – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

This place would remind you of the colonial era of India. Set at the backdrop of the hills of the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, the George’s retreat is one among the luxury accomodations in the Sonapur area near Guwahati on the way to Kaziranga National Park and the most affordable as well. Deluxe Cottages are present at the George’s retreat for visitors wanting to spend time here along with a visit to the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary as well. The key drawing factor here however at the George’s retreat is its restaurant. Built with a touch of modern architecture blended with the ancient colonial heritage, this restaurant offers some of the ethnic pork recipes of Assam. Smoked pork, fermented pork with bamboo shoot, pork with spinach, pork with mejenga leaves are some of the prime offerings here that are simply delicious. Do stop by the George’s retreat if you are a meat lover and want to experience fine Assamese dining on your way to Kaziranga National Park.

11| Bajawi Hotel – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Tribes are the indigenous people of Assam who have been staying in the State much prior to the arrival of the Assamese community here. The Bodo tribes are the highest concentration of tribal people in the State and are primarily settled in the Kokrajhar and Baksa districts of Assam. These people have over the years preserved their style of cooking that has a mix of various recipes combined to churn out one healthy final dish. The Bajawi Hotel at Sonapur on the way to Kaziranga National Park is one such restaurant offering traditional bodo cuisine to its visitors. Some of the popular dishes are pork cooked with maati dail (black dal), pork cooked with banana flower, snails cooked with black dal, oma bador, local chicken with kosu, local chicken with mejenga leaves, etc. If you are an ardent food lover who loves experimenting with food, then the Bajawi hotel at Sonapur is a must stop layover on your way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati or Shillong.

12| Choudhury Residency – Jagiroad (150 km to Kaziranga National Park)

This place offers visitors with a view of a very colorful nursery and a deluxe multi cuisine restaurant as well. This place also offers angling facilities at their huge pond area inside the premises. The Choudhury Residency offers fine dining experiences to its visitors and special Assamese cuisine as well. This place is open for breakfast as well so that in case you are travelling to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati in the morning hours you can stop by to have special breakfast on the way. Try their chicken and paneer items on the menu if you are not interested in tasting an Assamese thali here. Spend time around the resort to rejuvenate yourself before you continue on your drive to Kaziranga National Park.

13| Ni4 Restaurant – Jagiroad (150 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A vegetarian’s delight the Ni4 is a newly opened restaurant at Jagiroad on the way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati. The Ni4 at Jagiroad offers steaming hot vegetarian recipes to its visitors from breakfast till dinner. So if you are a strict vegetarian travelling to Kaziranga National Park make your stop at the Ni4 restaurant to enjoy some quality vegetarian breakfast, meals or snacks. They offer south indian cuisine as well which is very popular among all the visitors here like masala dosas, idlis, vadas, etc. The Ni4 also has a diverse offerings of sweets at their place including the likes of rosogollas and sweet curds. Just at about an hour and a half drive from the Guwahati airport, you can stop at the Ni4 restaurant for lip smacking vegetarian cuisine along the way to Kaziranga National Park.

14| Gupta Dhaba – Neelie (145 km to Kaziranga National Park)

If roadside dhabas is your kind of food then ensure to stop at the Gupta dhaba in Neelie on the way to Kaziranga National Park. Although it is not really a very decorated place to go along with your family, but if you are a group of young travellers who do not mind the ambience then stop here for some delicious dal tadka, freshly made rotis, egg dal tadka all cooked over charcoal fire. The Gupta dhaba at Neelie starts early in the morning and breakfast should be an ideal food choice here. Looking across the road you can find a huge reserve forest area where you feel the breath of fresh air. If ambience doesn’t matter and taste is what you desire then do stop by the Gupta Dhaba on your way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati or Shillong.

15| Dhaba Highway – Raha (120 km to Kaziranga National Park)

If you are love punjabi cuisine then this place should be on your list on your drive to Kaziranga National Park. Located at Raha near Nagaon, a left diversion from the highway takes you to the Dhaba Highway at Raha. A favorite among the various known personalities of Assam, Dhaba highway churns out some of the most impeccable tasting punjabi cuisine. Must try here are the crispy tandoori rotis, dal makhani, dal tadka with egg, butter chicken, chicken curry, etc. The owner is present at the restaurant premises seeking feedback from the various customers. There is also a souvenir shop that has on display and for purchase as well various indigenous silks of Assam and other mementos as well. A must try for food lovers to Kaziranga National Park.

16| 7 Sisters Dhaba – Nagaon (90 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Welcome to the most popular drive in dhaba along the roads to Kaziranga National Park. The 7 Sisters Dhaba has over the years gained a strong foothold in the restaurant industry of Assam offering delicious traditional food to its various customers. This place is always bustling with customers from Assam as well as tourists to Kaziranga National Park. The 7 Sister Dhaba offers traditional Assamese cuisine in the form of a thali along with other vegetarian and non vegetarian food as well. A perfect ambiance to enjoy a lip smacking meal, the staff here are very polite and courteous as well. The staff comprises of women who take in orders and serve visitors with the delicious thali. Try their fish recipes and the local chicken curry along with the vegetarian thali once you are at Nagaon bypass on your way to Kaziranga National Park.

17| Anurag Dhaba – Nagaon (90 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Located adjacent to the 7 Sister’s Dhaba, the Anurag Dhaba too sees a fair amount of footfalls as compared to the other place on a visitor’s journey to Kaziranga National Park. Offering a cuisine very much similar to the 7 Sister Dhaba, the Anurag Dhaba is also a very good eating option while travelling to Kaziranga National Park. Meals offered are the Assamese Thali and an array of various vegetarian and non vegetarian delights as well. Try the Assamese thali along with the paneer and mix vegetables if you are a vegetarian while the non vegetarian lovers can order the thali along with tangy fish curry, fish fry, roasted fish, chicken curry, duck curry, mutton curry, etc. stopping at the Anurag dhaba is an ideal option on your visit to Kaziranga National Park.

18| Triptire Ehaaz – Amoni (50 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Welcome to the undertaking of the Assam Tourism Development Corporation at the Triptire Ehaaz restaurant at Amoni. The word Triptire Ehaaz translates to eating a meal with utmost delicious satisfaction. And true to the translation, this place offers some real delicious recipes. Spread across a huge campus with a huge parking area, stop by at the Triptire ehaaz for the true sense of of an Assamese thali. Although it is operated by the government the service at the Triptire Ehaaz restaurant is quite quick and reliable as well. The cook plays an important role at this place because the food here is amazing. The rice thaili offered here is an assorted platter of white rice, two types of dal, once mixed veg, mashed potatoes, pickles, green chillies and onions ands much more. Try the Sital fish curry which is simply delicious. Stop by at the Triptire Ehaaz restaurant at Amoni on the way to Kaziranga National Park.

19| Dhaba Samaroh – Sonitpur (45 km to Kaziranga National Park)

This popular dhaba is on the way to Tezpur so in case you wish to visit here you will need to take a diversion to the left from Kaliabor on the way to Kaziranga National Park. The dhaba Samaroh is a very popular roadside restaurant that serves traditional Assamese delights as well as other Indian style dishes. Its popularity had made Rocky and Mayur from Highway on my Plate (HOMP) fame to come visit this place on their food tour of North East India. The place is built in traditional Assamese architecture with bamboo and concrete as well. There are individual cottages for fine dining experience as well. Try their fish and pork recipes here. The fish served here is freshly brought in everyday from the Brahmaputra river that flows closeby the place. For vegetarians too there are an array of traditional dishes as well like banana flower, boiled spinach, paneer items, mixed vegetables, etc. Do stop by Dhaba Samaroh on your way to Kaziranga National Park.

20| Restaurants at Jakhalabandha (30 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Jakhalabandha is the place when you get the feel that you are about to arrive at Kaziranga National Park. But the main central area of Kohora is still another hours drive from Jakhalabandha so if you are already late on your drive from Guwahati to Kaziranga National Park do stop at Jakhalabandha for a quick bite. There are various Hotels and Restaurants here to cater to your food needs from places that serve only tea and snacks to places that serve you a complete meal. Whenever I travel to Kaziranga National Park, I assure to make a stop here at the roadside hotel to have tea and a local preparation of ‘Nimki’ which is a snack made with besan and sesame seeds. Various sweet shops are also available at the shops here so if you have a sweet tooth drop by here to to celebrate your arrival to Kaziranga National Park.

21| Choupal at Burapahar (20 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Located close to Jakhalabandha, the Choupal is a modern dhaba that provides a fine dining experience to its visitors. While most of the restaurants mentioned here fall on the left side of the road while travelling to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati/Shillong, the Choupal is located on the right hand side of the road. The Choupal is located at a scenic backdrop of the Karbi Anglong hills of Kaziranga National Park. Traditional Chang ghars of Assam welcome you at Choupal mixed with modern luxurious interiors to create a perfect ambience for an afternoon lunch in the pleasant weather of Assam. Parathas at the Choupal restaurant are a favorite among visitors. The non vegetarians to Choupal can get a real taste of fresh food as they procure all the ingredients fresh and do not believe in freezing. Try their chicken biryani which is lip smacking on the way to Kaziranga National Park.

22| Roadside Line Dhabas at Bagori (10 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Bagori is a layover point for the various trucks that travel from Guwahati to Upper Assam and also from other states as well. And with my travelling experience across India, I know that whenever there is a truck layover good food is never too hard to find, because of the many dhabas that come up at these places. These dhabas are the place where you get to experience the real country cuisine of India as most of these dhaba owners belong to villages and they bring in their chefs from these local villages as well. At Bagori you will find dhabas with owners from various parts of India like Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan who have bought along with them their traditional cuisine. They use traditional methods of cooking like charcoal fire which imparts an altogether different taste to the food that you get here. Try their rotis, dal tadka, chicken curry, egg masala, etc. If ambience doesn’t bother you then try out these dhabas at the Bagori range of Kaziranga National Park.

23| Rajasthani Tandoori Dhaba – Bagori (10 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Another among the popular dhabas at Kaziranga National Park is the Rajasthani Tandoor dhaba located in between Bagori and Kohora safari range of Kaziranga National Park. This too is a place with roadside dhaba ambience and caters to the trucks at Kaziranga National Park. Food served is vegetarian here and their specialty are the tandoor items. try their tandoori rotis and paneer bhurji.

24| Hornbill Restaurant – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

When you are at Kaziranga National Park and you want to enjoy a real traditional Assamese meal do stop at the Hornbill Restaurant located in between Bagori and Kohora Safari range of Kaziranga National Park. The Hornbill restaurant is arguably one of the best traditional restaurant here at Kaziranga that offers you food that will stomach as well as please your soul too. Built in a traditional Assamese style dhaba, the Hornbill restaurant offer one heck of a traditional Assamese thali that has on offering around 39 varieties of traditional assamese dishes. On a platter you can find Rice, Aloo Pitika (mashed potato with herbs), Goroi maas pitika (roasted fish chutney), bamboo shoot curry, mixed veg sabji, brinjal fry, papad, local (country) chicken curry, three types of dal, green salad, etc. The meat and fish recipes here are also a must try. The local chicken curry is among the best you will find in the area. The fish recipes served here are fish brought from the nearby fresh water rivers. They taste exceedingly fresh and the curry with which the cook blends the taste of the fish with the herbs is simply delicious. They use various herbs in their preparation of the fish recipes here. Teh chutneys served along with the thali are equally delicious. One best thing about the food here us the very less use of oil and spices in the food. The food is flavoured with all natural ingredients like garlic, ginger, pepper, chillies, bay leaf, jeera, whole spices, etc. Ensure to come to the Hornbill restaurant at least for one meal to enjoy the real taste of Assam while you are at Kaziranga National Park.

25| Pelican Dhaba – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

The Pelican Dhaba at Kaziranga National Park is located very near to the road that leads to the main safari range of Kaziranga at Kohora. Owned and operated by a dynamic young Ahom man, this is a fish lovers paradise. The best of the local river fishes like Sital, Borali, Bhokua, Rhou, Katla, etc. are a part of the recipes of pelican dhaba. They also serve an elaborate Assamese Thali meal with various offerings. Food here again is prepared with very less oil and spices. This place being located at the heart of Kaziranga National park sees many tourists coming to eat here. They also offer chicken and duck recipes as well. As most of the resorts and guest houses are located at the Kohora range of Kaziranga National Park it sure that you would land up staying in this area itself. So while you are here do try to make it to the Pelican dhaba to enjoy a hearty meal here at Kaziranga National Park.

26| Maihang Restaurant – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

The chain of traditional ethnic Assamese fine dining restaurants welcomes you at Kaziranga National Park. The restaurant chain operates various restaurants at Guwahati, Khetri and Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The Maihang restaurant offers a fine dining experience to its visitors. The interiors has a classic traditional Assamese touch reminding you of the luxury of the kings of Assam. Bell metal plates and glasses and serving bowls welcome the food to you here at Maihang. Try the chicken korika, duck with kumura, chicken with banana flower, hilsa fish with mustard, duck meat fry, the chicken thali, the fish thali, etc. The waiters are quite courteous and cater to all your needs here at Maihang. Located at the center of Kaziranga National Park at Kohora do visit the Maihang restaurant for an experience of fine Assamese dining.

27| Kaziranga Food Hut – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

28| Rhino Cafe – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

29| Kaziranga Orchid Park Ethnic Restaurant – Kohora (5 km to Kaziranga National Park)

30| TESCO the Resort – Agaratoli (15 km to Kaziranga National Park)

31| Hotels at Bokakhat – Bokakhat (25 km to Kaziranga National Park)

This is another food lover’s paradise. Bokakhat has always been a favorite stop for all travellers from Upper Assam travelling to Kaziranga National Park and onward destinations. Bokakhat is located near the Agoratoli safari range of Kaziranga National Park so in case if you are enjoying a day of safari ride at Agoratoli do stop by at one of the local restaurants of Bokakhat. In case you are travelling further from Kaziranga National Park to Majuli Island or Sivasagar you can also make a stop here as well. Bokakhat is famous for the hot Puri Sabji and the Bokakhat Peda made by the Marwari restaurants here. I have been visiting the hotels here since my childhood on my way to Guwahati via Kaziranga National Park when we always ensured to make a stop at Bokakhat to eat hot puri sabji with the spicy green chilli chutney served on banana leaves and to take the peda sweets from here to our relative’s place. While at Kaziranga National Park do take your opportunity of eating hot puris here at Bokakhat.

32| Numaligarh Dhaba – Numaligarh (35 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Now this is arguably the most famous roadside dhaba cum restaurant of Assam. Over the years this place has always served quality and hygienic Assamese food to its visitors at the most appealing prices as well. The plus point of the Numaligarh dhaba is the cleanliness of the place. Quick and prompt service is also one of their prime USPs. They have a huge pond area behind the restaurant and they have a fish farm here as well. So be rest assured that any fish recipe you order here is as fresh as ever. The fish fry as well as the fish curry is what I order whenever I am here along with guests from Kaziranga National Park along with the vegetarian thali. They don’t serve the thali as a whole here instead they provide the rice, dal, veg sabji, fried potatoes, pickles, chutneys, salad, etc. all separately. They also have lodging facilities available here as well. One your journey to Upper Assam from Kaziranga National Park, make a halt at the Numaligarh Dhaba for fresh food as ever.