“First we eat, then we do everything else” – MFK Fisher

There can’t be anything wiser than the above quote by MFK Fisher. It is indeed true that an empty stomach makes you grumble… And why grumble when you are about to begin an amazing and thrilling experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park! Undoubtedly the place where you choose to halt at Kaziranga National Park will have an amazing restaurant with a A-La-Carte Menu that would satisfy your urge to fill your stomach and tingle your taste buds but what about the time until you reach Kaziranga National Park? A long flight, the wait for your luggage at the airport, boarding your taxi and embarking on your journey to Kaziranga National Park is an easy 6 hour drive. And with the amount of travel you have already undertaken to reach the Guwahati airport at the far eastern most part of the country, it is indeed sure that you will start feeling hungry and the excitement to sight the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, the Indian Tigers, the Asiatic Wild Water Buffaloes, the Asiatic Elephants, the Leopards, the Sambars and the various Bird species at Kaziranga National Park is sure to mellow down if you are on an empty stomach and the only picture you paint in your mind is a plate filled with your favorite food and the only thought that keeps coming back to your mind is “If I could eat anything”. Through this small article, we try to list down the names of a few restaurants and roadside dhabas from the start of your journey at Guwahati Airport continuing up to Numaligarh on the way to Majuli Island from Kaziranga National Park. We have not listed the names of Restaurants at the Hotels and Resorts of the Kaziranga National Park as same is listed under our tab Hotels and Resorts at Kaziranga.

So here goes the list –

1| KFC – Guwahati Airport (220 km to Kaziranga National Park)

The always favorite KFC is present at the parking lot of the Guwahati airport. Head to the KFC here to enjoy your favorite fried chicken items or the rice bowls. They also have an extension – Vaango that serves hot and flavorful South Indian dishes too.

2| Anand Tiffins – Guwahati Airport (220 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Nothing refreshes you like a hot South Indian Coffee and Anand Tiffins just adjacent to the KFC at Guwahati Airport specializes in this. Freshly brewed coffee is always present here along with the all time favorites of South Indian delights like Masala Dosa, Idli Vadas, Uthappa’s and the lip smacking Hyderabadi Biryani. If you are not an ardent KFC Fan then hop in here for a quick snack before you begin your 5 hour drive to Kaziranga National Park.

3| Volga Sweets – Azara (215 km to Kaziranga National Park)

If you didn’t have enough time to halt and grab a bite to eat at the Airport then just little ahead from the airport is the Volga Sweets. Stop over here if you have a sweet tooth and as they say in India, “Subh Kaam Karne Se Pehle Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye”. What “Subh” than a vacation a Kaziranga National Park and what “Sweeter” than Rosogollas. Come in at Volga Sweets and grab a bite of your favorite sweets from gulab jamuns, kaju barfi, mishti doi, etc. They also have a restaurant behind that again serves you hot puri sabjis, dosas, sandwiches, etc.

4| The Dhaba – Azara (212 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A Non Vegetarians Paradise, the Dhaba is one of the most popular food joints in the city of Guwahati based at Silpukhuri. They recently have opened one of their outlets near the airport that serves a wide menu of delicious main course meals. While at the Dhaba, relish their Mutton Biryani along with the Chicken Tikka Masala.

5| Jalukbari Dhaba – Jalukbari (202 km to Kaziranga National Park)

After you reach the outskirts of the Guwahati city along the National Highway what greets you first is the Jalukbari Dhaba. A nicely built, cozy place that serves ethnic food at affordable prices. The must try at Jalukbari Dhaba is the Jalukbari Dhaba special chicken.

6| Shankar Dhaba – ISBT (198 km to Kaziranga National Park)

The Shankar Dhaba is located just after crossing the Inter State Bus Terminus and the Balaji Temple at Guwahati and is a popular joint for the people of Guwahati. Must try at the Shankar Dhaba are the Chicken Curry and the Rotis.

7| Paakghar – Lokhra (195 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A family restaurant serving a variety of cuisine from delicious Assamese Thalis to South India specialities like Masala Dosas. North Indian food is also available with specialities like tandoor chicken and paneer items. The best try here is the Assamese Thali along with local chicken and fried fish.

8| Dichang Resort – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

A luxury resort located on the outskirts of Guwahati city, the Dichang Resort is a popular day outing for the people of Guwahati especially during the weekends. They have an a-la-carte menu and the food here is amazing. Try the various meat and fish recipes at the Dichang Resort on your way to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati or Shillong.

9| Orange Roots Resort – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

Another nice place located at Sonapur,

10| Georges Retreat – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

11| Bajawi Hotel – Sonapur (175 km to Kaziranga National Park)

12| Choudhury Resort – Jagiroad (150 km to Kaziranga National Park)

13| Ni4 Restaurant – Jagiroad (150 km to Kaziranga National Park)

14| Gupta Dhaba – Neelie (145 km to Kaziranga National Park)

15| Seven Sisters Dhaba – Nagaon (90 km to Kaziranga National Park)

16| Anurag Dhaba – Nagaon (90 km to Kaziranga National Park)

17| Triptire Ekaaz – Amoni (50 km to Kaziranga National Park)

18| Restaurants at Jakhalabandha (30 km to Kaziranga National Park)

19| Choupal at Burapahar (20 km to Kaziranga National Park)

20| Roadside Line Dhabas at Bagori (10 km to Kaziranga National Park)

21| Rajasthani Tandoori Dhaba – Bagori (10 km to Kaziranga National Park)

22| Pelican Dhaba – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

23| Maihang Restaurant – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

24| Hornbill Restaurant – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

25| Kaziranga Food Hut – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

26| Rhino Cafe – Kohora (0 km to Kaziranga National Park)

27| Kaziranga Orchid Park Ethnic Restaurant – Kohora (5 km to Kaziranga National Park)

28| TESCO the Resort – Agaratoli (15 km to Kaziranga National Park)

29| Hotels at Bokakhat – Bokakhat (25 km to Kaziranga National Park)

30| Numaligarh Dhaba – Numaligarh (35 km to Kaziranga National Park)