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The Swamp Deer Species at Kaziranga ~ Kaziranga National Park ~ Assam ~ India

Kaziranga National Park is home to a significant population of the Swamp Deers. A remarkable species, these Swamp Deers are locally called as the ‘Barasingha’ owing to their large horns and are distributed across the Indian Subcontinent. The Swamp Deer species of Kaziranga National Park is an endangered deer species with a total population of around 5000 worldwide and Kaziranga National Park has a population of around 1148 of these Swamp Deers. Their numbers are now mostly limited to the protected National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and State Zoos of India.

The Swamp Deer of Kaziranga National Park is basically a large deer species with a height of 130 cm and weighing up to 180 kg. The color of the swamp deer is a dense brown coat. This coat also helps to protect and keep it warm and dry in the moist conditions. The female swamp deers have a paler color than males and has a manned neck. A male swamp deer has huge antlers thn can grow upto 75 cm. The swamp deers of Kaziranga National Park are herbivores feeding on grass, plants and tree leaves making several trips to nearby water bodies and water holes to drink throughout the day.

The swamp deers of Kaziranga National Park are very active animals and graze both during the day as well as night. The size of a swamp deer herd id generally around 10-20 however, it varies during the mating season when the herd number exceeds 50. Aggressive during the mating season, the mae swamp deer have to fight and wade off other males in order to exert its control over the female. During the other times of the year the adult male swamp deers are mostly solidarity. The mating season of these swamp deers is during November and December and after a gestation period of 6 months the female swamp deer give birth only to one young one at a time. During this time, the female swamp deers prefers to spend time at the tall grass cover of Kaziranga National Park to protect its young from the predators of the forests of Kaziranga. With an acute sense of smell the swamp deers protect themselves from predators by preferring to stay in the areas with tall grasses and near the reel beds near the rivers of Kaziranga National Park.

So why wait?! Plan your visit to spot the endangered deer species of Swamp Deers at the Kaziranga National Park, the State of Assam, Incredible India!

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