The Mon District of Nagaland is the home to the last surviving head hunting tribes of Nagaland ~ the Konyak Tribes. Although no longer practiced, head hunting was prevalent among the Konyak Tribes where they were known as war loving and often attacked nearby villages of other tribes taking the heads of opposing warriors as trophies to hang in the Morong (a communal house). The number of heads indicated the power of a warrior and the tribe and becomes a collective totem.

Konyaks are adept hunters and skilled craftsmen as is prevalent from their crafts and weapons. At Mon district one can find excellent wood carvings, daos (machetes), guns, gunpowder, head brushes, headgear, necklaces, etc. made by these artisans and craftsmen. Konyaks also practice a traditional form of facial art which is seen in their elaborate facial and body tatoos.

The Longwa Village in Mon district is famous in being a part of two nations. One half of the village is situated in India and the other in Myanmar. As the village straddles an international boundary line, one half of the Angh’s house falls within Indian territory, whereas the other half lies under Myanmarese control. However, the whole village is controlled by the Angh and the village Council Chairman. Another interesting feature of this village is that the Angh of the village has 60 wives and his jurisdiction extends up to Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.