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Welcome to the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga ~ Kaziranga National Park ~ Assam ~ India

The Borgos Resort at Kaziranga National Park is arguably the most luxurious resort at Kaziranga. Located close to the safari range at Sildubi gaon in Kohora, this 4 Star property has a total of 56 number of executive rooms categorized under Executive Rooms, Executive Deluxe Rooms and Presidential Suites. And all of these rooms at the Borgos Resort are equipped with standards of a 5 Star category Hotel with LCD TVs, Air Conditioning, Mini Bars, Coffee/Tea Makers, etc. The resort is perfect also for visitors wanting to host a conference in the midst of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park. The surroundings of the Borgos Resort is very peaceful and fills your mind with peace.

The Borgos near the central zone gate of the Kaziranga National Park at Kohora is a lovely jungle resort with a great entry with a lovely reception lobby welcomes you to this exclusive property at Kaziranga. A very tastefully done-up reception area ,lobbies and passageways create a delightful ambience to every visitor at the Borgos Resort. The restaurant and sitout bar offer a variety of snacks, buffet meals and a la carte selection well prepared and served by efficient and courteous staff.

The management of the Borgos Resort has given a great deal of thought to make this an ideal getaway from the hustle bustle of the city for the nature lovers and wildlife buffs to Kaziranga National Park. The huge grounds with an aquatic bird viewing area, and another bird view lawn makes walks around the property a very pleasant experience. A small department store and a well stocked souvenir shop are great additions to the Borgos Resort. The mini bar prices are unbelievably reasonable. The rooms are well furnished with an exclusive balcony which makes an excellent sitout. Overall the Borgos Resort is a great property for the discerning nature lover and wildlife enthusiasts, with efficient and courteous staff who make your stay at Kaziranga National Park very pleasant.

The Borgos Resort has the facilities of a Swimming pool, Spa and Massage Center, Recreational Activity Center, Kids Pool, Fitness Center, Dining Area, Bar and all other luxuries as desired in a 4 Star Accommodation property. The luxurious stay in Kaziranga National Park is defined very well and bridged at the Borgos Resort. The multicuisine Restaurant prepares various local and continental foods desired by the guests who can unwind here after a day of Safari at the Kaziranga National Park.

Facilities available at the Borgos Resort – Kaziranga National Park

  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Car Parking
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air-Conditioner, Tea/Coffee Maker, Mini Bar, LCD TV, Etc. In All Rooms
  • WiFi Internet At Public Places In Resort
  • Swimming Pool, Gym, Massage & Spa Center And Recreation Activity Center
  • Pick up and Drop
  • Luggage Storage
  • Hot Water
  • Bonfire
  • Traditional Dance Performances
  • Television
  • Telephone and Fax Facilities
  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
Borgos Resort – Kohora – Kaziranga National Park
Room Types Total Nos.  Occupancy Tariff (INR)
Executive Rooms 24 Single/Double 6720 (BF)
Executive Deluxe Rooms 16 Single/Double 9440 (BF)
Luxury Deluxe Rooms 12 Single/Double 17700 (BF)
Presidential Suite 4 Single/Double 24780 (BF)
Nationality Safari Rates at the different Ranges in Kaziranga National Park (6 Persons Tariffs)
Ranges Bagori Kohora Agaratoli Burapahar
Jeep Safari
Indians (Per Jeep) 3650 3550 4250 4750
Foreigners (Per Jeep) 7000 6900 7600 8100
Elephant Safari
Indians (Per Head) 1200
Foreigners (Per Head) 2500          2500

** Subjected to revision before the Start of Season in October

For Bookings enquiry at the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga National Park please tell us:

Hosting our Guests from USA at Borgos Resort Kaziranga ~

In November 2019, we had the opportunity to organize a tour of our esteemed guests from USA (a group of 12 members led by Owner and Founder of Tapta Marg Productions – a unique Yoga studio that also conducts spiritual tours across India based out of New Mexico, USA). The tour also included a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park after exploring various temples in and around Kolkata, the famous and revered temple shrine of Maa Kamakhya in Guwahati, followed by a visit to the Silk Town of Sualkuchi, a visit to the Living Root Bridge at Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, the silk village of Umntgam in Meghalaya and the journey would finally end by visiting the varied Flora and Fauna of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park. As the group members were elderly their stay was organized at top notch Hotels and Resorts of the likes of Vivanta by Taj, Ri Kynjai (Serenity by the Lake) at Umiam in Meghalaya and the renowned and luxurious Borgos Resort at Kaziranga. Although there are numerous stay options at Kaziranga National Park ranging from Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses, Homestays and Lodges but when it comes to luxurious accommodation options there aren’t too many such present and though there isn’t any five star property but the accommodations like Borgos Resort, IORA – the Retreat, Infinity Resorts, Diphlu River Lodge. Landmark Woods and the newly constructed Mandu – the Escape offers their guests facilities that are comparable to a five star property.

The Borgos Resort is located close to the entrance of the Safari range of the Central range of Kaziranga at Kohora and so I suggested our stay of the group here at the Borgos Resort and so to accommodate the entire group we had 8 Executive Deluxe rooms booked at the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga. The Borgos Resort and Spa is often referred to as the Wild Haven in Kaziranga National Park and it is a deluxe property located at the Sildubi Gaon area near the entrance of the Kohora Safari entrance at Kaziranga National Park. The Borgos Resort offers a total of 56 rooms categorized under Executive Rooms (24), Executive Deluxe rooms (16), Luxury Deluxe rooms (12) and Presidential suites (4) and it is one of the best stay options at Kaziranga National Park. These rooms at the Borgos Resort are equipped with luxurious interiors and linens, LED TVs, King Sized beds, Free Wi Fi, In house laundry, In room dining, Safe deposit lockers, In House Bar, Jungle view and a host of other amnesties. In addition, there are provisions of a swimming pool, gymnasium, and conference halls, luxurious dining, Bar and Restaurant facilities that makes it an ideal stay option during your visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kaziranga National Park. There is a Jasmine Spa as well present inside the premises of the Borgos Resort and other facilities like massage parlour and gaming zone. The restaurant churns out some of the very delicious ethnic Assamese and various other cuisines at the Borgos Resort.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Our Guests from USA at the Maa Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati

So I received the guests on Nov 12th at the Guwahati airport and we began on our tour the following day exploring the Kamakhya temple and Sualkuchi followed by our next 3 nights at Meghalaya exploring the Majestic Umiam Lake from the comforts of the Ri Kynjai, exploring the cleanest village of Asia at Mawlynnong and trekking along the Riwai Living Root Bridge here, exploring the Silk village of Umntgam and finally starting our journey to head from Meghalaya back to Assam and heading to Kaziranga National Park at the Borgos Resort. After halting at Raha to check out for certain bamboo and cane handicrafts and later at the Anuraag Dhaba at the Nagaon Bypass for an ethnic vegetarian Assamese lunch we headed towards Kaziranga National Park and the beautiful Tea gardens of Assam welcomed us on our way. Along the way we even spotted many of the domesticated elephants that assist the visitors to Kaziranga National Park go for the Elephant Safari rides into the park interiors and as it was during the afternoon time the mahouts had taken to feed them and we clicked our pictures along with the tea gardens as well. Shortly we reached the Burapahar range of Kaziranga National Park and later at the Bagori range and continued to drive further towards the Kohora area at Kaziranga National Park where the Borgos Resort Kaziranga is located. We took a left at the Kohora market and headed on our drive to the Borgos Resort and we reached the beautiful campus of the Borgos Resort.

There is a big space to park the vehicles and we could see the Jeeps coming in after completion of the round of safaris to drop the guests for the afternoon session of the jeep safari inside the forest reserves of Kaziranga National Park. Our plan for the day we to visit the Kaziranga Orchid Park to admire the various indigenous orchid species that are on display here and so we had to quickly complete out check in formalities and later head to the Kaziranga Orchids Park. To my surprise there were a lot of security personnel present today at the Borgos Resort and upon enquiring I came to know that the Hon. Governor of Assam was visiting the place today and there were safari round planned for his visit along with his family the following day and so the Borgos Resort staff were all running around to make his stay arrangements. We disembarked from our Toyota Innova vehicles and our guests admired the beautiful natural surroundings of the Borgos Resort. It might be noteworthy to mention that unlike few of the other National Parks in India, Kaziranga doesn’t have the option of allowing visitors to stay inside the premises of the National Park and hence most of the accommodation options are located outside the core area of the National Park and some are adjoining the boundary of the Kaziranga National Park. The Borgos Resort is closer to the main entrance of the Kohora Safari range where the Elephant Safari rides are conducted for Foreign Nationals and the Jeep Safari for both Indian and Foreign Nationals as well.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Our guests from USA admiring the beautiful tea gardens of Assam near Kaziranga

At the parking area of the Borgos Resort there is a Departmental Store as well and visitors can purchase the items of daily needs here. The staff got to collect the luggage from the vehicles and we went inside the huge reception area of the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga. A beautiful garden welcomes you and then a flight of stairs leads you to the lobby area and a beautiful reception area welcomes visitors at the Borgos Resort. The supportive staff got to the allocation of the rooms quickly and while most of the rooms were ready to be occupied just two rooms were just about to be ready and the guests were assigned their rooms and they took about 30 minutes to get fresh and meet back at the reception area. I took the time to explore the beautiful campus of the Borgos Resort. At the reception area there is a huge dining hall of the restaurant and to the left of it is the open garden where guests can spend their time in tranquil and behind are the deluxe rooms of the Borgos Resort Kaziranga. Towards the right there is the swimming pool area, the gymnasium and the Bar and as the Governor was staying the access to these areas were limited to outsiders as I was not staying there and so I did not get the opportunity to visit the area of the swimming pool and also the time in hand was less because I could see the guests all coming back towards the reception area and so I went to gather the Innova drivers back and start on our drive to the Kaziranga Orchid Park that was a short 10 minutes’ drive from the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga.

From the National Highway we took a right diversion to enter the area of the Kaziranga Orchid Park and I went ahead to purchase the tickets so that the guests could start exploring the place as we had about an hour to explore before the place closed for the day with the final performances of the traditional songs and dances of Assam like Bihu, bamboo dance, Mishing dance, etc. Our plan was to first explore the green house area of the Kaziranga Orchid Park that has various orchid specie growing in the area all indigenous to Assam and North East India and an able lady to guide us across the Orchid species joined us and our tour of the Kaziranga Orchid Park began. The group leader asked me about the dinner arrangements at the Borgos resort and I informed him that buffet dinner would be a continental cuisine tonight and would start at 7.30 PM and later there would be a cultural dance session at the Borgos Resort as well so we need not wait to witness this here at the Kaziranga Orchid Park in the interest of time. We began our tour and the lady guided our group well with the various species of blooming and other orchids present at the Park and also their place of origin and the scientific names. The highlight was the state flower of Assam – the Kopou flower that was in full bloom here at the garden of the Kaziranga Orchid Park and we all took the opportunity to click our pictures here.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Our visitors from USA taking a tour of the Kaziranga Orchid Park at Kaziranga

After our tour ended at the display green room at the Kaziranga Orchid Park we split up and everyone went about exploring the area of the park on their own and we were scheduled to meet back at 5.30 PM at the entrance to travel back to Borgos Resort. While some of the members went to visit the Rice museum and cactus garden, some came along with me to explore the handicraft and handloom section at the Kaziranga Orchid Park. This section illustrates the various indigenous handicrafts of bamboo that are designed and built by the local people and there was also a handloom section where we could see the ladies weaving silks and weaving out traditional attires of various silks of Assam. The bamboo section consisted of various handicrafts that are built of the likes of fish traps, musical instruments, cooking items, etc. The tour was focussed on spiritual tourism and the local handicrafts and though we got a chance to witness the various handlooms making process of Assam, the handicraft section gave us a deep insight to how the artisans used natural products like bamboo and cane to weave out such exquisite handicrafts. We also explored the rice museum where there was on display the various indigenous variants of rice grown across Assam and also the cactus garden where the cactus species were growing in a greenhouse.

At the souvenir section there were on display various indigenous herbal products, rice, tea, pepper, etc. that were all grown by the farmers in and around Kaziranga and the guests enjoyed and even bought some of the stuff to carry as a souvenir of their memoir of visit to Kaziranga National Park and Kaziranga Orchid Park. With this as we were losing light I called in the Innova taxis and we went back on our drive to Borgos Resort at Kaziranga. We reached by 5.45 PM and there was an exclusive handloom showroom at the reception area of the Borgos Resort and our guests went in to explore the place and some of them went back to relax in their rooms and to come back for dinner at 7.30 PM. I too hung around looking at the rooms at the Borgos Resort and the rooms were very luxurious with comfortable beds and luxurious interiors. The rooms we booked at the Borgos resort included a mini bar, a balcony and even a hot tub in the bathroom.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
The reception area of the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga


The handloom showroom has on display various exquisite designs and had on display the collection of the renowned artisans of Assam and this was a fusion of the modern and village way of weaving and I must admit the prices are on a higher side and not to be afforded by someone like me but there were tourists mostly foreigners who were purchasing these handlooms. Anyways at 7.30 PM the guests came to the restaurant to have their dinner and the Borgos Resort restaurant has a very elegant and spacious dining across its restaurant and it can accommodate many number of guests at a time and as the dinner and as the dinner buffet starts quite early so the foreign tourists who generally have their dinner early start by 7.30 AM followed by the other tourists who come and have their dinner. And as the cultural event was scheduled at 8 PM so most of the guests would be coming to eat at around 8.30 OM and as the Governor’s entire staff and team were also staying their dinner arrangements were done in a separate area today. I was waiting for everyone and I thought it was time I let the Innova drivers allow to leave as we wouldn’t be going anywhere away from the Borgos resort now and they too had a long day’s drive and needed to relax and I asked them to leave two of the vehicles at the parking area of the Borgos Resort while they would take two of the vehicles with them to their place of stay at the Bora’s homestay.

At 8 PM everyone had gathered at the lawn area of the Borgos resort where the cultural troops were all ready to demonstrate the Bihu and Jhumur Nritya performances. Bihu is the cultural dance of Assam that is usually performed by young boys and girls during the month of April at the Rongali Bihu festival that marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year. It is a time of celebrations to welcome the spring when everything becomes green again after the fresh spell of rains that pour in after the long dryness of the winter season and the fields are all green and ready to harvest. As a mark of celebrations young boys  dressed in Dhoti and Kurta and young girls adorned with the Muga silk Mekhela Chadors and traditional Assamese ornaments go about home to home performing this dance and collecting money and Tamul Paan to have a Bhuj that is celebrated at the end of the festival in the villages. The Bihu dance is demonstrated with the boys singing songs about the beauty of nature and love and the girls dancing to the tines with brisk movements of their hands and body. Also as the area around Kaziranga National Park is filled with the tea gardens of Assam there are numerous tea garden workers living here who were brought to Assam by the Britishers from places as far as Chhattisgarh and over the years they have become an integral part of the Assamese society and they enact this traditional folk dance of the Jhumur dance and today we would witness both these performances at the Borgos Resort in Kaziranga.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
The main entrance to the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga

They boys and girls all dressed in their traditional attires started the performance and the audience cheered to their performances and everyone loved the attire of the girls wearing the Muga Mekhela Chadors and with this I called it a day and bid goodbye to our guests for the night to meet them for the early morning safari and I headed to stay for the night at the Subhalaya Guest House at Kohora in Kaziranga. One of the budget guest house accommodation near the Bonhabi Resort at Kaziranga, the Subhalaya Guest House has three rooms and is often chosen as a place of halt for the budget guests as the room tariffs per night is INR 1,500 during my time of visit and so I often visit the place during my tours at Kaziranga National Park, the owner charges me only INR 1,000 for my stay and also as I stay for 2-3 nights here. Fooding is not available at the Subhalaya Guest House and so I ensured to visit one of my favourite restaurants at Kaziranga National Park to pick up my dinner viz. the Pelican Dhaba. The Pelican Dhaba is known to churn out some of the very fresh fish recipes and as the areas around Kaziranga National Park has numerous water bodies and the local fishermen often head to the water bodies that do not fall under the protected area of the park and the bring in their catch to be sold at the Kohora market and I ensure to pick my choice of the Borali fish curry and the rice thali from the Pelican Dhaba during my stay at Kaziranga.

And also as it was a long day I decided to pick myself a small bottle of whiskey to celebrate a day of tour well conducted. The next day would be early as the Jeep Safari was scheduled at 7.30 AM from the Borgos resort and so I had to get up early and I ensured just to have a small drink before I went to bed after dinner. The owner greeted me and he ordered for my food and I had to pay just INR 350 for the various assortments packed and given to me. The veg thali costs just INR 80 and the fish was bit expensive at INR 250 per plate and I also carried a bottle of mineral water. With everything in hand I headed to the Subhalaya Guest House and the owner allotted me the room and to my luck there no other guests here today and so I would be staying at the property alone. The owner stayed at his house just behind the guest house. I called up my colleague Krishna who too had come to Kaziranga with another of our group who had come on a bird watching tour here at Kaziranga National Park to be followed by Manas National Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and the Garbhanga Reserve Forest and I asked him to ensure that the Jeep drives arrived on time at the Borgos Resort tomorrow so that there are no delays in the start of the safari rides.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Our guest coming from Jeep Safari inside the forest reserves of Kaziranga from Borgos Resort

It is necessary to follow up with the jeep drivers especially when we are leading groups with foreign tourists because to them punctuality is very important and a 7.30 AM start means a start at 7.30 and it cannot be a 7.45 AM. So Krishna assured me that everything was in place and his two other jeep drivers would also go together and we would be starting our jeep safari rides at the Agoratoli range in the morning and followed by the afternoon ride at the Western range of Kaziranga from the Borgos resort at Bagori. I finished my whiskey and had my dinner and after a short time of television and surfing the emails for other tours I went to bed to wake up at 5 AM. I knew it would be a dusty day travelling around in the open jeeps in the rough tracks inside the forest reserves of Kaziranga National Park and so I didn’t take a bath and I left the guest house to travel to the Borgos resort after making a stop at the Kohora market for breakfast where tea stalls open up early as the people travelling to work to other places in Assam wait here for the busses that ferry them.

I ordered for roti sabji and tea and then I made my way to the Borgos resort to reach by 6.45 AM. The guests had already reached the restaurant for their breakfast and it was an elaborate presentation with delicious food like bread toast, butter, peanuts, cashews, almonds, cornflakes, Aalu Parathas, noodles, puri sabji, ham, etc. I called the jeep drivers and they came along to reach by 7.15 AM and the guests boarded their jeeps at 7.30 AM and we started on our drive to the Agoratoli safari range at Kaziranga National Park. It would take about 45 minutes for us to reach the Agoratoli range from the Borgos resort and we were scheduled for a 2 hours by safari inside the reserve to sight the varied flora and fauna of Kaziranga National Park here. We would arrive in time for an early lunch and at 1.30 PM head to the Western range from the Borgos resort at Kaziranga. At the Agoratoli range forest office we paid our entry fees and our safari ride began with the spotting of the majestic Great Indian Hornbill birds followed by the pride of Kaziranga National Park – the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros. Further ahead we spotted the Hog Deers, Bara Singha and the Asiatic Wild Elephant and the Asiatic Water Buffaloes in a herd from a distance. Tigers are known to inhabit this area of the park and with numerous sightings done here we thought of getting lucky but unfortunately we couldn’t spot a tiger on the safari ride.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Sighting of Hog Deers at Eastern range of Kaziranga

Various birds were spotted as well some names I knew and the few others the jeep driver who was an experiences person helped me with their names. We finished our safari ride and by 11.30 AM we came back to the Borgos Resort and the guests went to freshen up and have their lunch. The meal was an elaborate Assamese Buffet today as I was told by the receptionist at Borgos Resort and I let the guests have their lunch and I too went along with the jeep drivers for my lunch. They took me to a nice small place near the Kohora market because I asked them to take me to a place that served fresh fish and even though they have their lunch at home they made an exception today and want to have lunch with me. We ordered for the Assamese thali and the special Aari fish curry that was prepared here and fro the three of us the coast came to only INR 500 and I paid the bill as a token of my appreciation to the jeep drivers for coming on time and conducting the safari smoothly. At 1 PM we reached back to the Borgos resort and started on our safari ride at 1.30 PM to the Bagori range that was about 15 min drive away across the mountain terrain at the entrance of the Bagori range and we paid our entrance fees and started on our safari ride.

One strict rule to be adhered to when guests enter the safari range at Kaziranga National Park is that they are not allowed to carry any eatables along with them and only water bottles and the forest authorities maintain a strict vigil as to which vehicle carrying plastic water bottles inside the park and the same number of bottles have to be brought back or else a fine is levied and this is necessary to prevent the tourists from littering inside the park premises. So we started the jeep safari ride for our second session and reached the Sildubi Beel area and we got down here to admire the greenery of the western range of Kaziranga National Park. Just when we were about to travel back on our jeep one of the drivers came to me in silence and asked me to turn around and a huge rhinoceros was standing behind us. It seemed that this rhino often came to the area behind the public toilet here and visitors could catch a glimpse of this beast in the wild up close. There were bamboo fences tied around and even though we maintained a safe distance from the animal and clicked our pictures and the pride of Kaziranga National Park – the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Sighting of the Indian One Horned Rhinoceros at the Western Range of Kaziranga

It was indeed a wonderful experience sighting the Rhinoceros so up close in front of our eyes and we started again on our safari ride into the forest reserves at the Western range of Kaziranga National Park. Interestingly the Rhinos at the Western range have now got so used to the tourists visiting them that they do not budge a little and instead what looks like they instead pose for photographs. Even the rhino we saw up close did not show any sign of panic with so many humans standing around it and instead it started directly at us and went about its business. The same could be seen with another rhinoceros we spotted a little ahead of us on our safari ride and it too crossed the road in front of us and it seemed it was intrigued with the tourists clicking it pictures and it posed for the pictures. We kept on our safari ride and spotted many other animals and bird species. But one amazing and frightening thing that happened to us when we were returning back was that we spotted a baby elephant near the road and the chain of events that happened after it started us. As we were admiring the wild baby elephant from a distance from across the tall canopy of grasses, the adult male elephant saw us and took a charging stance at the jeeps. The mother came to the rescue of the stranded baby on the road and the adult male looked furious.

The jeep driver told everyone to be patient and calm and asked the other jeep driver’s behind us to turn off the engines of their jeeps so as to not startle the adult elephant. The elephant kept charging towards us and the jeep driver asked us not to move and just stay put. When the elephant realized that we were not going to cause its family any harm it turned and started taking steps backward. And we all felt relieved and just when the jeep driver started the engine the elephant came out of the grass again and charged towards us and the jeep driver stopped the engines again. It took almost 10 minutes for the adult male elephant to relax and go back into the tall grass canopy and we felt relieved and we started again on our jeep ride. It was indeed a scary moment for all of us but yet a thrilling one as well. Just when we were about to close towards the exit we experienced another wonderful sight when we saw two adult rhinoceros fighting over territory and how the two of the them charged at each other and fought with their prized horns. The rhinoceros realized the presence of humans around them and so they did not engage in the fight very long and went away in some time. Generally the battles between the rhinoceros for their territory are fierce often leading to one animal losing its horn in the battle and it is that when they retreat.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
The Adult Male Elephant charging at our jeeps at the Western Range of Kaziranga

We came out of the safari range and the forest authorities inspected the number of water bottles each jeep carried back and whether or not it was a similar number to the ones taken in and once everything looked in order they allowed us to leave and we headed back towards the Borgos resort at Kaziranga. We were to make one final stop at the Amalgamated Tea plantation retail outlet at the Kohora market as the guests wanted to purchase some fresh Assam tea to carry back home to USA and some other items as well as a memoir of their visit to Kaziranga National Park and Assam. We stopped our jeep vehicles here and the guests made their purchase post which we headed back to the Borgos resort at Kaziranga. The group leader tipped the jeep drivers and they bid adieu to us and I called in the Innova drivers to the Borgos resort to plan our travel for the next day to Guwahati as the visitors would be leaving tomorrow to catch their onward flights to New Delhi and other destinations. As one group would be leaving early at 6.30 AM so we had to ensure that one Innova taxi arrive at 6 AM to the Borgos Resort and then head to Guwahati with the guests while the other group who had a late afternoon flight would leave at around 8 AM to Guwahati.

So it was decided as to which driver would leave early and which ones would follow and I asked the drivers to leave the Borgos Resort and come on time tomorrow morning. As the guests had returned to the rooms I went to enquire about the dinner and also to clear off our pending payments to the Borgos resort and the dinner tonight would be a mix of Chinese and Indian cuisines and with this I went back to the Guest house I was staying after picking up my food at the Pelican dhaba. After a nice shower I looked at the pending whiskey bottle I had brought yesterday that was present and finished it and had my dinner and I returned to bed to get up the next day at 5 AM and head to the Borgos resort to reach at 6 AM. The Innova driver came in shortly and the three of the guests boarded the vehicle with packed breakfast and they started in their ride to Guwahati from the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga. The other guests finished their breakfast and at 7.30 AM the other drivers arrived as well and the luggage was loaded into the respective vehicles and everyone boarded the vehicles to Guwahati from the Borgos resort at Kaziranga thereby ending our successful visit at the Borgos Resort at Kaziranga.

Borgos Kaziranga, Kaziranga Hotels. Kaziranga Resorts, Kaziranga Guesthouse, Kaziranga Homestay
Sighting of the Rhinoceros upclose near the Sildubi Beel area of Kaziranga