Assam’s metal products – made of bell metal and brass – are not only in use in every household in the State but also have an international market. While utensils dishes, plates, tumblers and bowls of these metals are found in use in every home, musical instruments like bells and large gongs travel all the way into numerous Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar apart from the neighbouring states like West Bengal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar. Utensils specially made for religious rituals on the other hand have a huge market in temples, naam-ghars as well as in domestic prayer rooms.

While Hajo, about 25 kms from Guwahati is famous for its bell metal cottage industry, manufacture of brass metal items is a household activity in the villages of Sarthebari about 100 km west of Guwahati. Bell metal items are of major utilitarian and aesthetic value in Assam; they are inseparable items in marriage and religious ceremonies, eating on bell metal dishes is considered good for health. Most common bell metal items include cymbals, bhog-jora, baan-kanhi, baan-baati, pik-daani, etc. while huge cymbals and gongs in most Buddhist Monasteries across the country are also made in Assam. The most popular brass metal product on the other hand is the sorai – a traditional utensil for ceremonial offering of betel nuts and betel leaves used during weddings and other social rituals, as also in welcoming guests as souvenir.

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